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    I must be missing something. It seems to me that "Play Next" and "Add to Up Next" do the same thing. Let's say i decide to listen to an album (yes I'm old and still listen to entire albums) and as I'm listening I decide what album I'd like to hear after the current one is finished. If I select "Add to Up Next" it plays it right after the current song is over, if I select "Play Next" I get the exact same behavior. It appears there is no "add to queue" functionality like most other music playing apps and services.

    Am I in fact missing something or is this a ridiculous omission on Apple's part?
  2. schmegs macrumors newbie


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    The queue system is all messed up, but there is a difference between "Add to" and "Play" if you're adding more than one thing to the queue. Apple calls the queue "Up Next" for some reason, so when you Play Next, it adds the song/album right after the currently playing song, no matter what else is in the Up Next list. Add to Up Next is like adding to the queue in that it'll place the song/album at the bottom of the Up Next list.

    Of course, this being part of Apple Music, it's all screwed up in that you can erase the Up Next list by doing all sorts of normal things (like just playing a song without adding it to the list), but that's a different thread...
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    Ok hopefully it makes sense, but screw Apple for making it so distorted.

    Play Next: Always will play that song next NO MATTER WHAT

    Add to up next: Only works like you think IF YOURE ALREADY IN A QUEUE OF MUSIC. In other words if you select a playlist or album to play it WONT work as expected. If you stumble upon something and say "play next" and then stumble upon something else and want it to play AFTER whatever you've selected to play next, only then will it add it to the back of the queue.

    It makes no sense and needs to be either fixed or eliminated.
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    Wow, I thought it was just me that this was screwed up for. This used to work a lot more sensibly (like "Add to Queue" would add an album to the end of the list), didn't it?
  5. M. Gustave macrumors 68000

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    It looks like this has been changed in iOS 10.
  6. Jessica Lares macrumors G3

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    They're calling it "Play Later" now in iOS 10, haha. They should just put in layman's terms, "Add to Queue".

    When you go to add a song or album:

    Play Next - Play it as soon as the current song is finished AND THEN continue with whatever you were in to begin with, whether it was a queue to begin with, a playlist, or album
    Add to Up Next/Play Later - Put it in the bottom of the list, it plays, and then when it ends, it STOPS the player

    And yeah, if you go click on whatever without doing either of the above, it just assumes you've changed your mind and dumps whatever on the queue. A lot of people would rather have the minute of silence between changing out albums because it just feels better.

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