iPod touch Playback issue after changing artwork

John Chambers

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Jan 29, 2020
I’m having a very frustrating issue when I change album art on an album in iTunes it creates a playback fault when I play the album on one of my two ipod touches. At the end of every track it repeats the last 5 - 15 seconds of the track. When I play those songs on iTunes on my Mac or on my iPhone they are fine so it is not a problem with the files. I have restored both iPod touches but it does not solve the issue. I remove the albums from the device and resync it but they have the same problems with the same tracks on both ipod touches which suggests it is an ipod touch issue. If I change the art back or remove album art entirely the playback fault remains.

It is extremely frustrating, it's clearly something that iTunes itself is doing to the file when the album art is changed that is then permanently attached to the file and messing up playback on the iPod touches. I’ve searched endlessly online and cant find anyone else with the issue, I’ve spent hours on the phone to Apple about it but they don’t seem overly interested in trying to solve it. Any help or advice would be most appreciated!


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Jun 8, 2018
Kingman, AZ
I had a similar situation happen a few years back. When I added album art it totally destroyed the songs, and the art was glitched out. I couldn't do anything to salvage the songs after that though. Had to rip them again. I do believe it's an iTunes glitch, probably something in the image for the artwork is corrupted and is causing some glitches.

If you can, try and find another copy of the artwork and see if the new copy does the same thing. If it corrupts again I'd try and use a different version of iTunes if you have multiple computers and can downgrade one of them.