Playing a movie on button click?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by imfrog2002, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Okay, I'm trying to make a game for my Children's Ministry at my Church. (Dual Window, one window that the kids see, one for the operator.) Right now, I can do about 75% of it by learning how to do ONE thing: Run a Quicktime Movie on a buttonclick. I know that I should get the book, but I'm dirt poor, and for now I just want to make a basic application for my church. If anybody is willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! (I'm trying to make it in xcode 3 and Cocoa.)
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    Okay, I'm about ready to give up on being a developer, since Apple's Developer site is so screwed up. I've been looking for ANY kind of "QTKit" or "QTMovie" and there's NOTHING. I found about 100 different types of codes, but nothing on how to implement them with a current application, only how to use them in the current application. PLUS, I can't find the .framework file that I'm supposed to have. A link to the QTKit would be awesome, and any help I can get on why the QTKit framework isn't there would also be helpful. Thanks!
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    Just look for Quicktime information with regards to the Cocoa framework.
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    Look here:

    Theres also sample code from Apple's web site for using QTKit, here:

    Basically you need to add a QuickTime view to the window in IB (there is a palette you have to add from /Developer/Palettes/) and get a QTMovie object from a file on disk and set the QuickTime view to use the movie object:

    QTMovie *mMovie = [QTMovie movieWithFile:movieFileToPlayPath error:nil];
    [mMovieView setMovie:mMovie];
    Then you can simply do:

    [mMovie play];
    And it will play.

    I just made some kind of promo/kiosk display app for a client that shows QT movies on an HD Plasma screen (full screen, which is a whole 'nother thread). It is fairly easy to do, provided you know all the variables ahead of time such as which movie to play, what size screen/view it will be in, etc.

    A lot of useful features of QTKit are only on 10.4 and newer (such as notifications for when the movie stops and such), however. So be aware of that going in.
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    Oct 20, 2007
    Okay, I just realized why I was having so much trouble with the tutorials online! I was using xcode 3 instead of 2.5, and EVERYTHING is messed up in 3. Thanks for the help!

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