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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Tennyo, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Hello. :) As you all may or may not know Dissidia was just released earlier this week. A bunch of people I talk to on another forum and I want to play against each other online and maybe even have tournaments. I know that it's possible to do this with a PS3 using Adhoc Party but not everyone has a PS3 (like me).

    But then there is XLink Kai that does the same thing except with computers. Anyone ever used it before to play games online against friends? Do I need to buy one of the USB adapters? I have a MacBook Pro, if that helps.

    If I do need one of the adapters, which one is the best?

    I hope this is the right section for this. Sorry if it isn't. This places has a lot of categories. XD
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    Nono, right place :).
    My girlfriends been playing this more than me, but shes a mega FF fangirl (even so much as owning both Jap and UK Advent Children and even plyed through *gasp* Crisis Core!). I managed to get XLink Kai working with original Xbox games.
    What I used to do was use my laptops Wifi, then Lan that to my Xbox. Connect to a lobby and play away! Haven't tried this with a PSP yet but I imagine its similar - except use wifi. So you'd need to get a LAN connection to your MBP and create a wireless network from there.
    I don't know if using a USB wifi adapter would help (not in a negative way, I just don't know! I'm not sure how OSX would handle it).
    If you have 2 computers you could get Wifi from one, LAN to another laptop which then sends the wifi to the PSP.

    But it's all very complex.

    Makes you wonder why they didn't just include Infrastructure mode right on the PSP. :rolleyes:
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    May 10, 2008
    *gasp* Crisis Core is AWESOME! :)

    Also according to this site it should work with OSX:

    Here's a list of the actual adapters:

    They all say Mac OSX and compatible with the PSP browser.

    Then according to the diagram on this page: it looks as if you do need it to make the PSP talk to the computer, but it never actually says flat out, "Yes this is why you need it." And I was wondering if just some computers needed it or if there were some that could communicate with the PSP without it?

    If I were to download this program and try without the adapter would it be a huge mess or would I be okay but it just not work?

    A lot of questions, I know. lol

    Also the PSP can go online, but some games are purposely made to only let you play against your close-range friends, as in people you pass by on the street or someone in the same room as you. What this does is trick the game into thinking that someone online is in the same room with you and thus you can play. :)

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