Playing with phones at AT&T initial impressions.

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by LIVEFRMNYC, May 5, 2013.

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    Oct 27, 2009
    I got impatient waiting for any 32gb S4 to arrive and went to the AT&T store to get a Black 16gb. They didn't have any in black or white, so I ordered a black one anyway and have to pick up in store around a week.

    I played around with a bunch of phones for around 45min before I purchased the S4.

    Playing with the S4, my initial impression was the opposite of what I've mostly read in this forum. While messing with the black version and the white version, I haven't experienced any lag whatsoever on the two S4s, and that's the first thing I was testing for after reading so many posts about it. Samsung said it would have a slightly different feel in the hand from the S3, but it doesn't. It just feels basically the same. Silly me for thinking I was going to feel some texture on the back.

    Playing with the HTC One, my initial impression was a bit disappointing compared to the praise it has gotten. It doesn't feel as premium in the hand as the iPhone. Not that I really give a damn about that, but that's the main reason for the attention it's recieved. It also feels more delicate than other phones, like it can dent or bend easy. Not saying that's the case, but it just feels that way to me. The front speakers were also less than what I thought it would be. Sound was good, but wasn't much better than most recent phones. Felt like the real difference was the sound coming from the front rather than the sound itself.

    Also played around with the Lumia 920, Optimus G Pro, and the HTC 8X. The Lumia 920 is a very nice phone. If there was better development for it or wasn't so lock down, and more apps, then I would seriously consider the 920. I would actually choose it over the iPhone(without jailbreak). The HTC 8X looked and felt awkward. It felt like a bootleg WP for lack of better words. The Optimus G Pro seemed pretty solid too and was noticeably smaller than the Note 2. I didn't realized it was the same 5.5 screen size until I looked at the description.

    Just thought I'd share my initial impressions. Emphasis on initial. ;)
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    Jul 10, 2009
    It's pretty hard to determine how a phone is going to function from just messing around with it for a couple minutes at the store.
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    Oct 27, 2009
    Which is why I stated initial impression.
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    Montreal, Canada
    The point being, there are many extensive reviews by professional reviewers linked here, and quite a few reviews by actual owners here after days of experience. So what is the point of your initial impression?
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    Oct 27, 2009
    Cause it's a Forum. Shocking isn't it? :eek:

    Do I need a Journalist degree to start a thread?

    My point was I experienced some differ initial impressions than others on this thread who have also posted initial impressions.
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    Dec 11, 2007
    Really don't like the power button (placement and recession) and recession of volume rocker on HTC One. And that home button placement just feels awkward. But the phone feels much better sans case compared to the iPhone 5 sans case because the aluminum back is curved.
  7. LIVEFRMNYC thread starter macrumors 604

    Oct 27, 2009
    The home button didn't bother me, it actually felt natural which was surprising. Now the volume rocker, caught me of guard a few times cause I'm used to it being on the left and using my index finger. It also was slightly hard to find by feeling for it.
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    Apr 17, 2010
    I'm going to go pick one up on Wednesday. Nothing you read or see on the internet can really speak to how the phone will work out for you personally. ATT has their 14 day return policy, 14 days is plenty of time to find out if it's the right phone for me or not.

    I do come here to get opinions and general consensus about devices, but forums in general, and sometimes this one in particular... it's just too much back and forth to really understand. One post declares a phone to be the best ever and the one immediatley following it says it's full of lag and yadda yadda.

    To each their own :)

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