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Discussion in 'iPod' started by cesarcesar, Jul 9, 2010.

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    This question has more to do with iTunes, but i think someone will know the answer easily here. I just bought my wife a Nano v5. I have out 15000 song library attached via an external hard drive to my main PC. She uses a MacBook. I have set her iTunes up to play music from my library, but she cannot make playlists or load songs on her iPod.

    My question is how can i get her the ability to make playlist and transfer songs to her iPod via her MacBook, without moving the external hard drive to the MacBook? Thanks much.
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    You can't. You must have the files locally for syncing to work.

  3. Labaguette macrumors regular

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    you could allow sharing if she had the same platform as you have. simply share the music folder, and open the itunes library from your computer on hers (note: better have a wired network) only issue is that music added to the lib on one computer is not immediately visible on the other but only when you reopen iTunes.

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    Hello. I am not trying to hijack this thread, just that I did a search and ran across this question that sort of pertains to a problem I am having. I have 2 PC's with iTunes on them, all with the same account loaded. I downloaded a CD on my desktop, and when I go to the laptop and look under shared library the CD is there, but I can't sync them to my iPod. Is there a way to do this? I have most of the songs on my laptop on my iPod, and not on my desktop. When I try to sync on the desktop, it tells me my iPod is synced to another account!?!?

    Help, Please!

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