Please, explain like I'm five: a shared Apple ID

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    Jun 8, 2010
    Hokay, so. Wife and I share an Apple ID. I don't want to get the pictures of flowers she takes streamed into my phone, but I'm sure she'd like them on her iPad and MacBook. I also don't want her contacts, calendars, etc. However - if I make her a separate Apple ID, she won't be able to use the music and apps we bought together and share. So - are we going to be able to have two iCloud syncing accounts and one Apple ID? If so, how would we do this?
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    yes you can if you use the same itunes to sync (or if you use separate computers you can activate her itunes for your apple ID and then copy the apps using a memory stick and add them to her itunes.)

    it would make sense for you both to have your own apple ID/iCloud that way you can both have a email but you can still use one apple ID to buy the apps and have them on both devices.

    this thread may help you:

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