Please, fontbook experts only (I hate guessing)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by billdakelski, Aug 8, 2009.


Fontbook is:

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  1. billdakelski macrumors newbie

    Jul 25, 2008
    Hi and welcome to my thread on Fontbook. Sorry, I could not make it any more terse in order to address all my specific queries. I have used Suitcase for a long LONG time and am always amazed when I open it how limited it is... so one day I stumbled upon Fontbook (again, this time in 10.5.7) and decided to give it another looksee since the last time i reviewed it in os9 or so, anywho.. I was happly supprised because it has a couple of new functions that I would REALLY like to have fer-instance it now:

    1. Views fonts with my choice of words, (fontbook>preview>custom) like Suitcase does.

    2. Shows the entire range of gliphs ( Suitcase does not). (fontbook>preview>reportoire)

    After perusing the many google finds on Fontbook and getting more and more confused, I decided to just start clean and ask any of you Fontbook x-sperts out there the following:

    A. What is the difference between a "collection" and a "library" in Fontbook, there seems to be exactly zero, since one does not subset into the other?:confused:

    B. Does it need to be launched when in use or does it run in the background, should set it to launch automatically with the system?:confused:

    C. How do I access the alternate gliphs that are shown in the repertoire view?:confused:

    D. Is it normal to have to force quit constantly, even with only minimal number of installed fonts?:rolleyes:

    E. Is this just another crappy Mac app that is best left alone. (ie. ical, imovie, safari, etc.) or should i continue pursuing it?:(

    F. Thankyewverymuch.:)
  2. larkost macrumors 6502a

    Oct 13, 2007
    First off, you have a real attitude problem. You are asking for free advice, because you don't know something, and then want only expert advice. If that is what you want then go pay for it. I am sure that there are plenty of professionals in Apple's Consultant Network who would be happy to help you for a fee. But don't ever tell people who you expect to help you for free what your terms for that help are.

    A: Libraries store the fonts in them. They are the repositories of the actual files. Collections are selections of fonts across libraries. A font (file) can only be in a single library, but in multiple collections.

    B: It modifies system setting for fonts. Think of it like a control panel (which I think it should be).

    C: My guess is through the Topography panel accessed through the normal Font panel. But some glyphs might only occur in combination with specific other glyphs.

    D: You probably have bad fonts. Check them with the "Validate Font" menu item or better yet validate each of the font folders with "Validate File..." (it will happily run recursively on folders).

    E: Another case where your attitude gets in your way. All of the apps you name are great apps (award winning even) in their consumer fields. iCal is by far the best CalDAV client out there, iMovie is a really great consumer video production app (people usually get frustrated with it because they are trying to use it as a pro-app, which it gets close to), and Safari is very competitive in the browser space (and it usually comes down to personal preference what is best).

    F: Still with the attitude. At least spell it right and put in spaces.
  3. Ashka macrumors 6502a


    Aug 9, 2008
    New Zealand
    Go to System prefs > International > Input Menu > Select the Character palette (& maybe the Keyboard viewer) > select Show input menu in Menu bar.
    You will then be able to access all the symbols, glyphs etc. under the flag on the menu bar and use 'insert with font'. Use the gear icon bottom left to save the ones you want to favourites.

    I don't consider Apple software to be crap, ditch the attitude.
  4. billdakelski thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 25, 2008
    Gee wiz guys, lighten up.. Have you read some of these threads, people throw any and every thing you can think of, it is as though they are just posting for the heck of it, like counting how may times they post or something.

    You will notice that there are only 3 posts here, and all quite coherent and to the point as to my request (aside from a total lack of humor on the part of some).

    Mr. Larkost, money is not the end all be all in life, (Apple support used to be totally free back in the days when it was a customer oriented company). I too have answered a question or two without remuneration. You might go look up the word colloquialism to add to your perfect spelling and grammatical puritanism. Better yet save it for your correspondence with HRM.

    Yes, I have an attitude, a risible attitude.

    And ok, most Mac apps are not crap (I do believe there not, I do believe there not, I do believe there not....) in fact if we are dreaming, why not dream BIG, MS apps are not crap, well that may be taking this whole kumbaya a little past the pale. Alas, it tis what it tis. I have spent countless hours (and years) trying out Mac apps, I would LOVE to use Mac apps (hence this query), how many have replaced my regular software? Well lets see my dock has about 80 apps in it and exactly one (1) is a Mac app (itunes) (aside from OS utilities), pretty good app btw. Why is this one app decent you ask? Probably because they have sold a bazillion (informal again, sorry) iPods.

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