Please help--battery isn't charging but charger seems to work

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lil1998, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. lil1998, Jul 27, 2013
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    Hello, I bought a 2010 MacBook Pro in the US but live in Thailand. Don't know if it's simply due to the change in voltage or because the current here is sort of...unsafe...but normally when my laptop is plugged in there are actually shocks coming through the metal body.

    So my point is, today rather suddenly the battery is no longer charging. It was charging when I left the house and not when I got to work. But with the charger plugged in, and the green light is NOT on, I can still feel the tingly little electrical shocks as usual so I am pretty sure the charger and source are working in some sense.

    I already reset SMC and PRAM, but it's just odd that it was fine this morning and then not working about 30 minutes later when I got to work.

    In a possibly related problem, my battery has been swollen for nearly 3 months but I haven't had time to have it checked out--I don't live in a major city of Thailand, and was away (without the computer) for most of June. But I have the problems I've read about online with the trackpad being difficult to use now and I was also guilty of leaving my MacBook plugged in nearly all the time, because I didn't know that was a problem.

    I still have AppleCare for a few more months, but I heard that batteries are not covered. There's no Apple Store in Thailand anyway, so the stories I've heard of sympathetic Genius Bar folks giving away free batteries might not apply. But does this sound like a simple battery-replacement issue (the charging part)?
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    I would think AppleCare should cover a swollen battery. Most likely that is the problem.
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    swollen batteries may be covered by apple. About the tingly feeling you get use your three prong cable as it has a grounding wire. About the change of volts it has no issues, the chargers are made to run between 110-240. We frequent travellers have not had issue, have the travel kit.

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