Please Help: Can't get CRT TV to change to red/white/yellow input (Video 1?)

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tipman2000, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Nov 29, 2009
    So i just picked up a 26 inch crt off the curb. its actually quite nice, for a crt. it has the red/yellow/white inputs on the front and the back as well as component input. I plugged the PS3 into the front and back red/yellow/white input and i get nothing after flipping through all the channels. i figure there must be a setting somewhere to change the input but i look all over the menu and there is nothing. Also, i got a universal remote to work with the TV but the "input" button does nothing.
    When you flip through the channels it says "ANT" which I assume is antenna since the coaxial on the back says ANT above it.

    The model is
    26 (27?) inch screen

    this is probably useless but on the front it says: SDTV, MTS Stereo, CCD (closed caption decoder)

    ive tried all the tricks i know to change the input but nothing works. Also, i have the PS3 output set correctly and all the cords are in order, so dont ask about that.

    thanks for any and all help! much appreciated!
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    Ports may be bad or something is wrong with the tv. Probably the reason it was on the curb. Find an rf modulator and connect it to the ps3 and go to the ant, ch3 or 4 that should work. You could also look around the net for the correct remote codes or a replacement remote from iLo. Try Walmart that was or is their brand maybe they can help with finding a remote.
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    Nov 29, 2009
    thanks, but if the ports were bad, do you think they would simply not show up on the menus? i cant find them anywhere. ive tried channel1,2,3,4 and all the others. is there some trick to this?
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    Did you try channel 0? That used to be used for selecting AV inputs on some TVs.
  6. dodgysnail, Jun 19, 2012
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    Jun 19, 2012
    On your universal remote, look for a button called "AV", "INPUT", "SOURCE", or a symbol that looks like a square with an arrow pointing into it. If you find it but it doesn't do anything, reprogram the universal remote with another code number for the same brand, or if there is none, try an automatic code search. If this still won't make the above button active, borrow an ILO remote from someone, press the above button, and if that puts the TV in AV mode, turn the TV off at the wall socket, turn it back on and if it's still in the correct mode you can give the remote back. If it's not in the correct mode after switching off, the best place to get your own remote would be an appliance repair center that may have a second hand remote lying around that they may part with for $10. (just check the battery compartment to make sure the battery terminals aren't corroded first) A lot of the ILO remotes use the same frequency IR codes so it won't matter if it's not from the same model, but test with the TV before spending your money, just in case. Good luck! And if all that fails, plug PS3 into a VCR, select AV input on it, and view the VCR on channel 0,1,2,3 or 4. It will probably look a bit blurry. OR, look for another CRT that still has it's original remote. In areas that have fully changed to digital transmissions, there should be plenty to choose from for free or very cheap.
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    As mentioned, sometimes channel 0 (or 00) is used for video input (it was on my old RCA).

    What make and model? Could probably find a manual online (even if not the same model, the same manufacturers often use the same philosophy).
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    My old Phillips CRT that I got rid of was able to select an input via changing channels. A newer CRT that a friend gave me needed the actual controller to press input.
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    Get some video playing with that hookup and then do a "channel scan". Often these scan all possible sources of video including the aux ports. If it finds video coming in via the yellow, it will lock it into the list you can select with the channel up-down options when the scan is complete.

    Assuming the TV is not actually broken, the prior owner may have simply not had anything hooked to those ports when they did the last scan. You may not have a working "input" function in that universal remote, which might be why it is not finding something hooked up to that port. But I bet a channel scan as described above will "find" the source you have hooked up and playing something via that RCA yellow connection.
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    Jul 10, 2012
    I got the same tv. I lost the remote and I can't get it to Chang input. It doesn't have an input button or a menu button.

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