Please help, choosing best router iphone & laptops @ home

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    Dec 31, 2010
    Hey there... my boyfriend and I are looking to buy a new wireless router and I am usually best with all the technology/computer-related issues, but this decision has me stumped! We currently have a NETGEAR Wireless-G router (WGR614v6), which works fine on our laptops, but presents me with a hopeless war when trying to get wifi on an iPhone! After almost 3 weeks of struggling to identify the problem, it turns out that we need a different router. We live on the third floor within a large apartment complex, so interference from others' signals is a potential consideration. Another consideration, we sometimes play basic games on our computers and iPhone, and my boyfriend downloads a lot of music. We are both in graduate school and often do work online at the same time, so having two laptops connected to the internet in addition to an iPhone may be a common occurence. Lastly, because of school, our budget is somewhat limited; we are hoping not to have to spend any more than around $40-$50 on a router if possible.

    I have done quite a bit of research trying to understand all the different types of routers, but I am still pretty clueless. I would really appreciate all the advice I can get :confused: Thank you in advance!!!!

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    Nov 20, 2010

    I know it's outside of your $40-50 range - but this is not where you want to count pennies - Airport Extreme is the way to go

    OR this D-Link Wireless N for $30 gets great reviews
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    Jul 17, 2002
    From everything that I have heard about it, the Apple Airport Extreme is supposed to be a rock-solid router that is easy to use and gives trouble-free service forever.

    Most of my experience is with Cisco/Linksys. My primary router is now a Linksys E3000 Wireless N. It replaced a Linksys WRT600N Wireless N router. My primary reason for going with Linksys rather than Apple is that Linksys routers have more built-in LAN ports. However, Linksys (and other brands) appear to go bad after a while--usually 18 months, or so. Not all Linksys routers require activation, but some of those that require activation must be activated using a Windows computer. Some (including my Linksys E3000) may be activated using either Windows or a Mac. My iPhones, MacBook Pro, and iPad have no trouble with any of my Linksys routers.

    Unless you are strapped for cash, then you should chuck your budget. If you pay $40-$50 for a router, then you will get what you pay for. I would also suggest that you forget about Wireless G. Wireless N routers have been on the market for several years. They are downward compatible with everything--A, B, G, and, of course, N. My Linksys E3000 is in the same price range as the AirPort Extreme. If it does not have AirPort Extreme durability, then I will replace the E3000 with an AirPort Extreme or whatever Apple offers to replace the AirPort Extreme.

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