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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by eagleclaws, May 10, 2011.

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    May 10, 2011

    I am noob in Iphone coding. I hope any kind developers over here can help me out please.

    Erm, I have a lot of question that I need to ask. The 1st picture is the TabBar with a TableView at the Artist Tab Icon. So when I press on one of the TableCell it will go to the 2nd picture, let's say it is a ArtistViewController.

    I want to do something like, when I press the 1st button, it will call down a tableView from another (class / viewController / XIB), like show in Picture 3, when i press the 1st button, the table will slide down with data, but the data will be called from another class, let's say a tableViewController, and 2nd button will make another table with different data slide down, and data will also called from another class, let's say tableViewController 2.

    Continue from 3rd Picture, when i press on the table cell, the UIView(which is Picture 4) will slide in. But I want to call the UIView from another class too.
    So to summarize, I want all things I do in different class and the compile in a same view. Is it possible to do that?

    Why I am do this is because if I have a band with 9 members, and each view needs to have a picture, I scare memory will leak. Cause I read that if I was to put Image into ImageView using Interface Builder, the memory of the picture cannot be release. 2nd, I want to have multiple tables in 1 View.

    this is part of the project that I am doing now, it only contains from picture 2 to 4. The function is all in a single class, but i want to separate them. Please help me, if I know how to do this, I can't continue with my project which due on July. I am stuck here for very long already. Thanks in advance

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