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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Toos, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Toos macrumors newbie

    Apr 30, 2015
    Hey everyone, i'm new here, however i've owned macs for almost 8 years. The past 2 years i've owned a macbook pro and it's been great. Lately as of 3 months ago, it crashed on me, so i took it in to future shop and they swiped everything and installed yosemite osx and put my old files back on. It was great. Today randomly, my mac crashed again, and upon restarting it, instead of the apple logo it was a folder with a question mark, flashing. It prompted me to connect to the internet after I rebooted it for the 5th time, and upon doing so successfully, it took me through the steps to re-instsall the OS x. It gave no option of where to install, so I plugged my external hard drive in, and immediately popped up a place to click to re-intall OS X. So, I did, and 5 hours later, we are here. Not only did it install old 10.7.5 OS X, but, all my files are GONE, which i'm not too bummed about because most of my important things are on my external hard drive as is, my MAIN ISSUE HERE is that I need to keep my external hard drive connected in order to use my mac, this is pretty inconvenient and annoying.

    Any idea how to transfer the operating system to my mac's internal hard drive, so i don't have to use the external one every time I want to use my laptop?

    Thanks everyone. :apple:
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    It sounds like your internal hard drive failed hence you only had the external drive as the only option of where to install OS X to. At this point I would recommend you either take it to an Apple Store or authorized service center and have them check the internal drive.

    If the external drive was formatted during installation then I'm sorry to say your files are gone for good. There is software that can possibly recover those files but you need to get OS X installed and running on your internal drive first. Also the more you use that external drive the less files you'll be able to recover (if any).
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    By the way "swiped" means stolen. I think you meant to say "wiped" as in cleaned out. (really cleaned off, but in this context, that doesn't apply)

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