Please help, frustrating camcorder situation.

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by gangst, Aug 20, 2005.

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    Dec 27, 2004

    Please could you guys help me with this situation that I've got myself into.
    Well, it all started 2 weeks ago when I was a t a friends house and we were doing some video work and my Sony DCR-TRV950, went missing. We searched high and low, but the camera had gone without a trace. We came to the conclusion that we left it in a nearby town.
    In the week following I rang the insurance company to which I was told that they didn't cover loss!!!! :mad:
    I was fuming. I'd just lost a £1600 camcorder and they wouldn't pay up, plus I don't have the money to go out and buy a prosumer camera at the moment.
    I told my parents later on about this who were sympathetic, and later on my dad told me that he had several hundred pounds worth of Nectar points which I could use to purchase a new camera with. I was ecstatic, until I realised that the cameras on offer were nowhere near as good as my DCR-TRV950, and that out of all the stores that Nectar points can be used at, Argos is the only store which stocks camcorders.
    So, as I essentially need a camcorder, I thoroughly scanned the Argos catalogue and website for decent cameras and this is the list I've come up with and just don't know if these cameras are any good, as I need a camera with DV in/out (about 3/4 have out only!!), must be miniDV yet I'm not sure if Digital8 is worth it, MUST be ablr to take decent video!!

    So heres the list I've narrowed down to:
    JVC GR-D290
    JVC GR-DF470
    Canon MV850i
    Sony DCR-HC22
    Sony DCR-HC39 I'm not sure on this one as it does not have DV in, but I have a feeling it is the best quality and will just have to live with DV out only!!
    Sony DCR-TRV480 Again, I'm not sure about this camera as it is Digital8, is this worth going for?

    Please, help me I need to find the best camcorder possible as I have been doing a lot of video work lately (some for money) so need all the quality I can get. The rest of the Argos cameras can be found here.
    Thanks so much for any input on my situation, this time I guess I'll get the camera insured!!!
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    Mar 17, 2005
    Here this site has really good reviews...

    I like the lense on the canon, but don't really know alot about the others. I'm a big fan of the Panasonics in that price range! I personaly have the Pana gs250... and am really pleased the video quality is excellent even in bad lighting.

    If you want to be editing the video on a computer stick with miniDV. You should also try and test the camera you want to get before you buy it. Make sure it fits in your hand, and all the buttons are easily accessible. I'm 6'3'' (I think) so I have a problem with this sometimes. See if it makes alot of noise... you know that kind of stuff.

    my 2 cents

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