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Sep 3, 2010
I knew this day would come and now I'm getting worried and I'm not sure what to do

First, a little about my set up.
I have a Mac Pro with 4 (four) 1TB HD's in each slot.
I made slot 1 (one) my main drive with only Mac OS X and software installs.
All other content (Music, Photos, FCP X Files, etc) all sit on slots 2, 3, & 4 as a Striped RAID set.
I did that for 2 reasons - Speed & the systems "thinks" I have one large 3TB drive.
Over time I now have only 500GB left on my Striped RAID set and I have several Wedding Movies to still import and edit.
I also do complete backups of my 64BG SDXC and store that on my Striped RAID set just incase I need to start from scratch again.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I think is happening.
The top left portion of FCP the "Event Library" section is actually what is on my Stripped RAID set.
The botton portion of FCP X called the "Project Library" is just "looking" at the Event Library - so in essance its NOT 2 sets of video being stored on my Stripped RAID Set - the only item actually stored is the Event Library??

I question my thoughts because I see 2 folders on my Stipped RAID set.
One is called "Final Cut Events" which is 1.87TB in size
One is called "Final Cut Projects" which is 115GB in size.

Having said that, If I was to remove, delete, or move ABC Wedding from my Event Library - that would break my Project Library thus removing the ability to view or even create another copy or re-edit that wedding in the future

I want to be able to archive but leave all the items that created that video (music, photos, text, etc) in tact so that I can always view it, re-edit it, or even create another DVD from it in the furture if need be.

I have no idea how to do this.

Is archiving software driven within FCP X or is it a matter of dragging files from the 2 folders and putting them on a External HD?

I'm thinking about goinf to BestBuy today and oicking up a 2TB external HD.
I just don't know how to archive properly with out destroying the entire file structure.

Please help! Thank you for your time.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), Octo Core Mac Pro with 30" ACD


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Nov 28, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
I'm no expert, so maybe wait for some other people to comment, but what I know for sure because I've tried it:

1. Yes, the "Events" folder contains all your original media (if you imported it directly in FCPX or checked "copy original files" on importing movie files).

2. The "Projects" folder contains your projects AND render files. That's why it also uses up some space. If you have projects in there and the matching "Events" folder is missing, you will still be able to open them but the media will show up as "not connected" (red with an exclamation mark).

3. To backup you stuff, you can use either FCPX or the Finder or third party software (there is a canonical one whose name I can't remember right now). In FCPX, You can just connect your external hard drive and drag and drop your Event and/or Project to the other drive. The files will be moved in the background. You can also just open the folders in Finder and move single Events or Projects to the external drive. If you have an Event (with the media folder) on your external drive but a project using those files still on your internal drive, this will only result in the red "media not found" markings when you open the project. If you connect your hard drive, it will simply work as if nothing happened.

4. FCPX searches for Events/Projects folders in ~/Movies/ and the root directory of external drives. If you move stuff within FCPX, it will create those folders on the external hard drive, but you can also just do in manually, there is no magic to it.

I thought it was pretty easy and uncomplicated to move events and projects around and it is very hard to break something. I had some trouble though teaching FCPX which hard drive it should create new projects on.

Good luck! Luckily, the price for storage room is laughably cheap right now, even if you go for a FW800 drive that you can actually edit from.


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Oct 6, 2005
floh described it correctly as far as i'm aware. FCPX will copy them projects and events to the external drive just by dragging and dropping on the ext. hd. Project files can be big especially if you color correct and it's rendering hours of video.

It will duplicate the files onto the external drive and then you can delete them on your main raid drive. just make sure it finishes copying the complete files before you delete the referenced files.

Event manager X can show and hide projects and events easily so they all don't show up in fcpx. I've heard some people complain about a drop in performance in FCPX if there are a ton of project files opened up, so this is a simple way to get around it.

Video tutorial explaining how it works.
Are you sure about just 2TB (external)?

Video is a space HOG. You've nearly filled up 3TB. Are you sure that a 2TB (more) is the right choice? How long do you estimate until that starts getting nearly too full? I generally subscribe to the "at least double your current needs" model in this situation (meaning, if you are currently nearing 3TB, you should be looking at adding 6TB or more).

My suggestion: spend the money to buy one of those 6TB (2 drive raid) (or maybe an 8TB) externals. They're not that expensive these days. Move all of your content on the internal raid out to that 6-8TB drive.

At the same time, buy yourself two more 3 or 4TB internals. Replace the internal drives with those bigger drives. Two 3 or 4 TB internal drives will double your existing working space while retaining a free slot for another drive on down the road. That external 6TB (or 8TB) can be your backup for your new internals.

Sell the three 1 TB drives you have now. Or pick up one of those bare drive external docks like and use them as 1TB storage/backups. If you need more speed than USB, they make these at higher prices with faster connection options.

Of course, all that is going to cost a lot more than just one 2TB external. But if you are really messing around with video, it won't be anytime until you are running out of space on that 2TB too.


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Jun 26, 2002
eS Pro SAS

G-Tech eS Pro using SAS.
I know its not cheap but nothing beats the speed.
Using a 8TB and a 12TB (two diff set-ups) and able to deal with ProRes 4444@4K :)

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