PLEASE HELP! Hacker locked me out of my mac :(

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by WhySu, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Sep 20, 2014
    Hi Guys

    I'd be forever grateful if anyone could help with the issue I'm faced with below.

    I was locked out of my mac and had to enter a passcode - I begged the evil person who did this to me for the passcode, and he eventually gave it to me. I entered it and got past that, onto options of restoring my data/files. I am borderline tech-retarded, so I dont understand anything that needs to be done to recover all my data/files. I tried to use the reinstalling mac os x thing but it says the backup hardrive or something is locked. I've researched and researched, to no avail. As I mentioned, the person who has done this to me is evil and managed to lock my appleid account to, including locking the email its attached to. I have no way of getting into either of these.

    All the data I had on my mac is extremely important, and sadly I have not backed it up to an external hardrive.

    I am having a meltdown over all of this :(. Please please someone help. Good karma shall be sent your way :).

    Thank You so much!
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    This is way too complicated to do over the internet.
    Take it into a Mac repair specialist and have them fix it.
    Also report this to the police.
    And take backups.
  3. satcomer, Sep 20, 2014
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    By the sharewares Little Snitch (think of it as reverse firewall showing everything going out on your Mac) and 1Password (let the program generate secure passwords for you, you only have to remember the main password.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Change ALL your Online passwords ASAP!!!

    Immediately go to My Apple ID and changed your password and set two factor logins! This is another very importent thing to do ASAP!

    Then backup and from the Recovery Mode and wipe your main drive and do a fresh install. Then in the fresh install use /Applications/Utiliies/Migration to transfer your pictures/music/important apps back to the fresh install.

    Then consider using different email servers.

    Lastly read the blog article How to reset a login password.

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