Please help: How do I get completely rid of Paralles Internet Security 2009

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    Jul 6, 2010
    Well, my 1 year free membership of Parallels Internet Security 2009 (powered by Kaspersky; the one that comes with Parallels 5) is about to expire.
    So I would like to uninstall it, so I can replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials.

    How do I get completely rid of Parallels Internet Security 2009?

    It seems going to Control Panel > Add/Remove programs is not enough as there might be some remains left in the system.

    So I found this article from Parallels:
    They suggest downloading the special removal tool offered there.

    So how would it work? should I first uninstall Parallels Internet Security through add/remove programs in control panel and then run the utility?

    Or just run the utility in the first place, and let it take care of the rest?

    This should all be safe, right?, wouldn't want to ruin my VM.

    EDIT: I've taken care of this issue, problem solved!
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    Wasn't getting any responses in Windows on Mac so we'll try it here for a while.

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