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    If anyone can help me identify an on-line printing company that uses a wall calendar template identical to the photo that I've attached, I would greatly appreciate it.

    My customer is insistant that she wants her 2014 calendar to look "exactly the same" as last year's. We did not design the calendar last year, but she claims the template for it came from a printing company she worked with in the past. She also claims she's worked with two separate companies over the last couple years, and that the calanders they each produced separately, both looked identical. Which leads me to believe that those pervious companies farmed out the work to the same outside source, which may have some template available on-line... but I can't find it.

    I could re-create it to be almost, if not exactly identical, but I just thought some of you might have seen this exact calendar layout somewhere, and would be willing to share the info.

    This is a wall calendar, that measures 24 inches wide x 38 inches tall. It has the day of the year count (1-365), all the holidays, and phases of the moon, and about a 6-1/2" tall open area in the middle to accomodate the customer's logo and contact info (which I deleted from the attached photo).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this far!

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    I can not tell you where to find that exact template, but this could be duplicated in Indesign quite easily with this plugin. And done in a matter of minutes.

    Convert months to PDF's and bring back into Indesign to create the wall calendar. I use this plugin a lot and it has so many features. This is why I say in minutes.

    I won't be surprised if someone does find it. But if you build it, then you have it for future use. If it is not found for you, this may be a quick option.

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