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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Ariel222, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Please help. I am at my wits end. I have been wanting an iPhone literally ever since they came out. I unlocked an iPhone 3G for my hubby and all went fine I think it's on I recently purchased myself a used 3gs to unlock and use on Tmobile.

    I spent a good month (not solid of course but working on it for a couple hours here and there trying to jailbreak and unlock). It was on ios 5.0.1 when I got it. I installed the ipad baseband 06.15.00 (possibly a mistake) but if i can get it to work fine. I would get everything installed then install cydia, reflash baseband...and would get the Tmobile bars...couldn't receive or complete calls.

    So didn't look at it for like a week then today checked web sites etc..found ios 5.1 is out and EverythingApplePro had one of his jailbreak vids show how to use ultrasn0w fixer and unlock. Everything went pretty well. I installed cydia using RedSn0w...had to go back and reflash baseband..installed ultrasn0w fixer...followed directions to a T...reboot, install sim....install ultrasn0w. Voila got Tmobile bars..was able to complete calls...even data was working (on edge of course...but I'm willing to live with that). Was going great. I did some stuff around the house...came back looked at service. Nothing...just keeps searching. I rebooted...etc.

    Here's what I have:

    iphone 3gs 16gb, old bootrom, serial 930, BB 06.15.00.

    Anyway, I don't understand how it can work for like 3 hours and then just quit. It doesn't make any sense. It did that once before when I was on 5.0.1.

    Also, I seem to have lucked out or something everythingapplepro claims it's a tethered jailbreak...but my phone reboots untethered just fine...I went and got a new Tmobile sim card today and they told me to turn it off and back on..which I did...and all was still working fine after that.

    Does ANYONE have any ideas? I mean it obviously works and has a chance to work. I was making calls earlier and not imagining it. I looked into patching commcenter classic but not sure that's it either since it was working great earlier today. Thanks a bunch.

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Ok, I think I found out a few things...

    I'm not sure. I was plugged into itunes when I lost service after searching the web quite a while I found some people saying that itunes can corrupt the ipad baseband. Can anyone tell me whether or not this is correct (seems reasonable since the phone was just fine until I was sitting there using itunes.

    If this *is* the case is there any way to keep that from happening and still be able to use itunes? Obviously being able to sync with itunes is one of the nice things about having an iphone.

    If one were to sync over wi-fi...would this still happen or is this something that happens only when the phone is plugged in? I've probably been through this stuff like 20 times over the past month...I kid you not. I can practically get into DFU mode just via mind control. :)

    Thanks for any knowledge and advice. I really don't know why this has to be so difficult. Heck...I just bought this 3gs...someone has paid their "dues" for the thing. You would think the networks would be relatively happy to allow me to use my used iphone on their network and pay them money to do so.

    oh well. :)

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