Please Help!! iPhone 4 mic problem!

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    Jul 6, 2011

    I have an iPhone 4 for nearly a year in excellent condition! Not even a bump! A month ago, when I plugged the earphones in the iPhone, I noticed that the buttons on the earphones couldn't control the iPod App in the iPhone. In addition, the iPod App started playing/pausing on its own and later I noticed that the "VoicerOver" was launched on its own... (as if i pressed the play/pause button on the earphones continuously). That was the first "symptom"... A week later, a lost my iPhone, but thank God, I found it... Probably, someone stepped over it and the result was a couple of scratches on the screen. After that, the earphones work fine (I really don't know whether or not the earphone issue has anything to do with my major problem, with the dead mic). After the accident with my iPhone, I found out that when I'm talking on the phone (with the classic green app for making calls-not Skype, or something other), the 90% of the times I try to make a call, my voice is not transferred to the receiver... However, when I'm recording a movie, or voice memos, the mic is excellent... I thought that I should downgrade from 4.3.3 to an older version (as I did - 4.1), but nothing happened... I still have the problem... So, is it hardware or software...? PLEASE, help me!! If someone knows anything, he is welcome! Thank you in advance.

    P.S. Sorry for any inconvenience about my language... English is not my native language.
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    Sounds like a hardware issue in the headphone jack.
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    the point is that either i use the headphones or just the internal iPhone mic for my phone call, the result is the same.... The person at the end of the line can't hear me!

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