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    Dec 4, 2014
    Hi, everyone. My husband lost his Ipad last night (he may have left it on the roof of my car before we both drove separately last night for some errands we had to run. Long story short, we have looked everywhere and it's nowhere to be found.

    A couple of details:

    1. It's an Ipad Mini (not the newest generation)
    2. He did NOT have iCloud activated
    3. He did NOT have the FindMyIphone app installed
    4. He DID have a password to unlock the device

    If someone found it, will they be able to access the photos, videos, and all other syncable data from his Ipad? I read another forum on here where someone lost their Iphone and some people were saying that they were able to access photos by connecting it to their computer without having to enter a password. This goes for computers that they have never connected their device to as well...almost like the device was recognized as a USB or something. It was my understanding that it would be impossible for a thief access that data without a password. Can anyone please help confirm / clarify?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    What version of iOS was installed?

    Chances are if it fell off the top of his car and landed on the road, it's inoperable. I guess that would depend on how many vehicles ran over it.
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    Oh oh, nude pics and vids of OP will be posted on the interwebs soon! :cool:
  4. rigormortis, Dec 5, 2014
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    if its locked by a passcode you should be safe for 5 years against brute force attacks. the passcode is what keeps your device encrypted. and its usb ports closed to most computers, except the itunes library it was synced to. the 5 year figure is because IOS puts in a delay after each incorrect guess, and this grows over a period of time. the 5 years i quoted was based on a six character password using letters and numbers, like a1a2Z3. i heard too many incorrect guesses will disable the iPad , but i don't know 100 % if this is permanent. to someone who has your iPad but not your itunes computer

    for more information about the lock screen google for "iOS security white paper"

    if you did not sign up with iCloud then you are screwed. there is no way to do so remotely.

    go to and double check to see you can't find it

    "find my iPhone" does not need to be installed on the device itself. it is simply an app for looking for other gadgets

    'find my iPhone' does need to be turned on tho.

    when you say "find my iPhone was not installed" you could be talking about the actual app or the feature

    was it a cellular model/? any chance of having it blacklisted?

    if find my iPhone was not on. with iOS 7 or iOS 8 installed , i believe you might of lost your iPad forever and it can be erased with itunes

    however someone still can't access your personal stuff on it, because of the lock screen

    the photos on the device. hmmm. I'm not sure. i forget. i know iOS 8 disabled the DCIM folder that is visible in finder / explorer when you connect your iPad. but i think the lock screen prevents all usb access so your pictures should be safe

    when you connect a locked iPad to itunes, it unlocks it, and iPhoto is also capable of unlocking it so you can sync pictures with a locked passcode. if you change your passcode then itunes and iPhoto can still access it

    however a computer that never was usied to set it up cannot access it. all it can do is erase it ( providing find my iPhone was not tuned on )


    always buy cellular enabled iPads. get the free tmo plan. turn on iCloud and turn on find my iPhone. your cellular iPad has a greater chance of being found if this should ever happen again.

    wifi enalbed tablets aren't very good at being recovered
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    +1. Cellular iPads also have a GPS, which makes getting a real position from Find My iPhone a lot easier.
  6. rigormortis, Dec 5, 2014
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    the problem with wifi iPads is they don't trust wifi networks when the iPad is locked

    they only communicate with wifi hotspots that they talked to before, and they can't communicate with free wifi hotspots like mcdondalds or starbucks because someone has to click i agree

    however the cellular model can respond to all find my iPhone requests because the cellular connection is always on. ( as long as someone doesn't put it in air port mode , but this is something that can be disabled in settings )

    on a locked ipad siri can only turn off wifi , siri can not turn off cellular

    yes the sim card can be ejected, but the cellular model has a better chance of being found sooner

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