Please help me choose! (6s vs 6s plus)

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  1. No5tromo, Oct 10, 2015
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    No5tromo macrumors regular


    Feb 17, 2012
    I've been using iphone 4s 16GB for the past 3 years and upgrading to iOS9 was a big mistake, everything is slow as hell so it's time to upgrade to 6s.

    16GB seems enough for my current use but if I am to invest in a phone for another 3 years I might consider buying the 64GB version.

    Here's what I use my phone for:

    messaging (a lot of it, I got all kinds of messaging apps) and mail
    Internet browsing (a lot of it)
    news/rss/blogging apps
    maps (I get lost a lot)
    music / music streaming (eg Spotify)
    social media (fb, twitter)
    average camera use for pics only
    organising apps (calendar, notes, lists, reminders)

    Here's what I don't care about:

    Video shooting
    Video watching
    Document editing

    I would also like to be able to read a book or a pdf document easily on my phone which is not the case with the tiny display on 4s. I hear a lot of people saying that iphone 6 plus has replaced their tablet and given that I don't own a tablet but I need one that's something to consider (I don't like the idea of owning many devices that do virtually the same thing). At the same time I keep my phone in my pocket all the time since I move around a lot with public transportation and I worry that 6s plus will be a pain to carry around.

    I'm on a tiny budget but I do plan to invest on a good phone since I also use it for work a lot. Given everything that I've described which version of iphone would you advise me to get?
  2. nanotoj macrumors regular


    Dec 20, 2010
    I moved down in size from the 6+ to the 6s this year. The main reason was the 6s is more portable. I use my phone like you do and thought the Plus would be better for web browsing and such and it was great for that. The 6+ did not feel to be as solid as the 6s, meaning I always thought it would get damaged easily. A case fixed that feeling but made it almost too heavy given the size and did not always fit well in pockets. I don't have that feeling even remotely with the 6s and the same is probably true for the S+. As for the web browsing experience, I do miss the the larger screen for that, but have had no problems at all on the 6s. Apps like FB and Twitter seem to be optimized for whichever device they are being used on and look good on both size screens. I love the experience of both sizes and may go back to the larger one next year.

    My advice, go with whichever one you are leaning toward or you may regret it later. I love the 6s size more than I ever thought because it is so portable, but would have been happy with the Plus as well.
  3. No5tromo thread starter macrumors regular


    Feb 17, 2012
    I got the 6s after all and it was by far the right choice for me. I find it annoyingly big and hard to operate with one hand so 6s+ would have been a nightmare.

    I still prefer the size of 4s, in fact a slimmer version of 4s would have been prefect for my liking, but the performance of my 4s was a total joke. I am happy with 6s' performance now but to be completely honest I thought it was gonna be blazing fast which is not and I am worried that in a couple of iOS upgrades the drop in performance will be quite noticeable.

    On a different note I really miss iOS 6. iOS 7 and on has become bloated with *insert sarcastic British accent* "transparency/clarity/precision" effects and all I know is that it's become messier, slower and a pain in the eyes.
  4. Sajal macrumors regular

    Mar 27, 2014
    I was using the 6 plus and upgraded to the 6s plus.. Had no regrets and want to keep using the big screen.

    Honestly if you are more into reading, the big screen makes it very sweet.
    Judge for yourself:
    If you read ebooks/magazines, show/take lots of photos or browse web a lot get the plus.
    If you want to remain a bit carefree about your phone or majorly use the phone for calls & social networking get the nonplus version.

    Based on the thoughts that you are coming from a 4s, I guess the 6s will probably be better for you since you will get a good upgrade in screen estate and won't hate the bigger size.

    Do go to a nearby store and pick up both the phones and understand your liking

    Edit: Pardon my delayed posting.. Just read that you already got the 6s.. perfect choice.. enjoy it
  5. Nancy bout macrumors regular

    Mar 24, 2013
    I would get 6 w 64g or 6s not ever the 16g BUT some people get by I kept getting lack of storage even w no photos!
    The phone itself is using a lot of that I don't know WHY it didn't start w 32? That's one area I am a little upset w Apple Over... They having everyone pay 100$ more for 64g.
    I just got this phone 64 worked fine w my 6plus all year..
  6. Nancy bout macrumors regular

    Mar 24, 2013
    There's Amazon prime photos ,shoebox and other online storage (even iCloud) I use them so 64 is fine and I download a movie here and there and deleted when done.
    My iPad is where I delete more often and not updating the IOS...
    It's fine w 16

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