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    Jun 10, 2011
    Hello forum! Sorry for the lengthy post, but I thought the background was necessary because my case appears to be unusual. I put a summary of questions near the bottom.

    I'm in Canada. My girlfriend's iPhone 4 got stolen, so my sister from the United States mailed us her old iPhone 3G. My girlfriend wants me to unlock it for her. I am usually very tech-savvy, but I am fairly Apple-phobic, (Sorry! I'm just doing this for her!) have never owned an i-anything whatsoever and have always been rather disinterested in cell phones.

    I've spent hours reading online, and keep getting conflicting information. I was instructed to download redsn0w 0.9.6b4, but when I got to the download page, I read that I should download the latest version (0.9.6rc16), instead. I did as I was told, but now I can't get past the jailbreaking stage. There were no problems at first, but when I get to the last stage (with the finish button, after successfully setting the phone to DFU mode), the program immediately closes without any error message whatsoever before I can press to complete. The iPhone turns off at this point, and when rebooted, it brings me back to the same-old emergency call screen.

    I can think of multiple reasons why I might be failing, but my brain is dead from trying to pinpoint the problem. For one, I suspect that the latest redsn0w no longer works with the 3G. I searched this question, and was frustrated to find some results tell me it does and other people saying it doesn't (great job, Internet).

    Another problem is that I don't really know what firmware it's on. She sent it with no SIM card, and Fido says we should get it unlocked, first, before we buy a new one. I have no idea if they are correct, but I am trying. I am finding it nearly impossible to check the firmware version, though, and every time I search online for a way to find out, I'm told to check the settings on the phone or find it through iTunes, which obviously I cannot. It's making my blood boil. My sister doesn't remember, so I assumed she had it set to the latest version (4.2.1) and fed redsn0w the corresponding IPSW for the 3G. I'd like to believe that redsn0w would tell me in that first step if the version I fed it isn't matching, but hey--what do I know? I had the idea of temporarily inserting the SIM card from my humble LG, but dear sister ALSO forgot to mail us the SIM card TRAY, so I have been hesitant.

    If I smash the thing in frustration I probably won't get any for a long time, so I would really, really appreciate some help. How can I find out the firmware version? Do I need a less-current version of redsn0w? Should I forget redsn0w altogether? Even if the iPhone wasn't set to 4.2.1, I was going to update it to that because I assumed newer is better. Again, I have no hacking experience with phones OR Apple products, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    If you're curious, my planned next step was to use SAM and then ultrasn0w. When I ran redsn0w, I ticked the box telling it to update to baseband 6.15.00, as I read that ultrasn0w requires that.

    Thanks for listening, guys. :eek:
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    Jun 10, 2011
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    If redsn0w is crashing for you and you're using Windows on your computer, try running redsn0w as an Administrator. Also, you may have to change the priority of which cores the application uses. Google for the second suggestion if the first one doesn't work.

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