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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by digitalduck, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Ok guys, I, like others, have a delima… I was so knowledgeable with my 3GS, but now am at a loss with my iphone 4… in terms of cases here is what I want… currently I have a griffen reveal on it and its ok but just temporary. It’s a bit too big, but I like the rubber sides for ease of holding…however I would like plastic to for my pocket..

    i had my phone wrapped in my shirt at the pool on a friends lounge chair but she moved and it slipped between the runnber strips on the chair and fell on its back like two feet....very very minor 2 cm scratches but noticable in the picked up thta griffen right away but its just a temp case.

    Ive looked at the following:

    Ivyskin reception case - I like it, but am worried about protection for the front since it has no lip
    Belkin vue - I think its dumb that its advertized as clear but looks all frosted on the back… might as well completely cover it up with a skin
    Gelaskins - I love the idea and might do it, but still would need a case and one that would fit over it?

    My brother is getting one too and he has a candyshell on his touch… he sid they may be coming out with something new…is that true?

    Also…..I used to get my screen protectors from Monoprice for like .83 cents…and they were great! They don’t have them in stock yet so what protector should I use?

    Zagg - orange peel doesn’t work for me….love the screen too much

    Poweresuppor - good company

    BSE? - will it fit under a case?

    So bottom line is I need a good case that looks cool, has a bit of a lip and possibly is clear? That way I can show off the back and/or put on a skin….

    Thank guys! Sorry if it sounds confusing..
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