Please help me figure out what game this is from the 90's

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    I can remember a few specifics from this game I used to play as a kid on my old Mac.

    I remember that I got the game demo from MacAddict (I think that was the name of the magazine...) and what you did in the game was you controlled a small kingdom and you could upgrade it (I believe... I know you could add in new buildings like an archery range where you could train archers, maybe... It was a long time ago.)

    There was also a sewer gate somewhere in your kingdom where random weak enemies would come out of and just randomly start to pillage your village.

    I also remember that you had characters that could do special things, like a ranger could run off screen for a while then come back with a bunch of added experience. I do not remember if you could only have one ranger like a hero type of thing or if you could have many.

    I also remember that the easiest way to make money was to let your tax collector run around to the local houses and take all their money :p They died a lot from the random sewer attacks though :p

    And lastly, I remember that for the end of the level I had played you had to gather up an army and lay siege to a castle and once the castle broke down all the way 2 vampires with life leech would jump out along with a bunch of other baddies and try to fend you off. Once you defeated the vampires, (I don't believe it mattered if you killed the other baddies) the level ended and so did the demo I played.

    If you have any idea what game i'm talking about your help would be very appreciated :)

    If you have any questions post them here and I will try to respond promptly :D

    Thanks in advance,

    edit: It was a real-time strategy game.
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    Majesty perhaps? Even if it's not what you're thinking, it was still a great game; I miss it dearly.


    Edit - still assuming this is what you wanted, we're in luck: Majesty 2 (for OS X!)
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