Please help me fix my Audio :-(

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by blueflame, Feb 24, 2005.

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    I am a relatively new mac user, my PowerMac G5 is my first mac since Frogger on an Apple 2e. This means that I'm new to Panther, and might be doing something silly.

    My problem is that I recently installed 3ivx in order to watch avi's on VLC. Ever since, my sound has been... for lack of a better term, Dead. It sounds like its a mono output into a stereo system, or like someone kicked the connections a few times.

    I am sorry to anyone who has looked at this already but, i figured it was in a very small hard to find place, i really need help. i would really appreciate it.

    I have uninstalled 3ivx and messed around with my sound settings to the point where I know that the problem is definitly software and I think its some sort of interferance caused by the 3ivx software. My main evidence for this is that my VLC is the only thing that sounds Good, aside from the fact that it makes a little *audio tweak* noise when I hit play.

    My current solution to the problem is to start a movie, then hit pause. Everything is fixed by doing this; macamp x and itunes both sound fine. However, I haven't upgraded my ram, so having movies running constantly isn't very appealing.

    PS I know its some sort of software output problem, but, just incase it helps, I'm outputing through a audiophile 24 96 via RCA cable, I've tried all output channels, and I'm playing the sound through my stereo (sony str-de325 daisied to a sony MHC-F250AV with a wide assortment of speakers).
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    I'm not sure exactly what you should do - I'll see if I can mess around on my system - but one option which will almost undoubtedly work is to reinstall OS X using the "Archive & Install" option. I'm not saying to do that yet, but it should fix the problem with minimal impact on your system. It certainly sounds like a software issue, maybe a software preferences one, possibly a driver. The OS X reinstall would fix things, but that's such a "Windows" solution (though far less intrusive than a Windows reinstall) that I'll see if I can find another option for you - like a prefs file to delete, etc.
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    Jan 14, 2005
    The problem is VLC - it is known to mess up the sound for the whole system under certain cirumstances. But a reboot should be enough to fix it...

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