iPhone Please Help Me Identify What I'm Doing Incorrectly w/This Icon (screenshots included)

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    Nov 4, 2009
    I've had a jailbroken device since 2009, I used to change out icons using SSH all the time--easily.

    I haven't tried to do so since I've had my 4s, though, until today. All I'd like to do is change the iFile application icon (and maybe a few others, but mainly that one).

    I know various things related to file names/sizes changed w/the advent of the retina display etc., so I spent some time searching through this site and others about the best way to go about replacing an icon png in the current iOS, and many people suggested the simplest route would be the following:

    Create a theme folder in /var/stash/themes using iFile
    In that folder then create an "Icons" folder
    Paste the replacement png in the that folder and rename it "iFile.png"
    Then using Winterboard, select that theme, respring and done.

    Well, I did that. And this is what I got:


    Obviously something did not go right there. I pulled the image from a theme that I'd downloaded from I believe Deviant Art or maybe Dribble, which had been released this February. It's 120x120. And I've on some of the sites I've been on I've read that icons need to be 116 or 118x120 so I wasn't sure if that was the problem, however it was created for the current iOS so I wasn't sure what to think about that.

    I have no problem going with a different png (anything but the default image will do) but in the interest of changing as few variables as possible, I then tried the more direct icon replacement method and went into /var/stash/applications/iFile.app using the same png but found that instead of just an Icon.png or "Icon@2x.png", there was the following:


    I had no idea which of these I needed to change so I just replaced the Icon.png file to no effect after respringing my device. I've looked through this forum as well as others and I'm sure I may have missed something but while people talk around issues related to icon replacement a lot I cannot find clear answers to the following:

    1.When an application folder contains 5 different Icon.....png files, which ones should be replaced in order to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

    2. If I have to replace more than one of them, should they be different sizes and if so what are those sizes?

    3. What did I do wrong when I first tried the Winterboard/theme approach--and what do I need to do in order for that method to be effective?

    I'm sure there have been many posters asking for help with this kind of thing and I promise that I'm not someone who doesn't search before they ask but I've honestly spent the last hour doing so and all I've found is a lot of conflicting advice/information.

    I would be so grateful for any help that anyone could offer! Thanks so much!

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