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    May 23, 2010
    I have been using Apple music for almost 3 months now and I have only recently understood that you can upload music that you haven't purchased from iTunes into the cloud so we can play it on our other devices.

    I have done so, I had a bunch of clouds next to my music in iTunes which said "waiting", they have since disappeared and if I right click a song I have the "remove download" option, however my music is not available on my iPhone.

    Have I understood it correctly or am I just going about it completely wrong?

    Thanks guys

    EDIT: Ok I switched iCloud music on and off again in the settings menu and now it is there, however it is an organised mess. Because it is a compilation album it is reading each song as a different album. How do I change this?
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    Apple Music has been a mess from the start on and looking at recent user reports, it is still. I'm a heavy Apple user, but AM won't get a chance on my devices.

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