Please help me with this flash disk

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iSamurai, May 3, 2009.

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    I took my flash disk out of my bag today to transfer some files between 2 computers.

    But it told me to format when I stuck it in my mac. I didn't do that, thinking that if I plugged it in a windoze computer it might just read it. So I did and it also told me to format.

    I hit the format button and it said format failed. Then I formatted again, this time selecting default allocated size and uncheck quick format. Then I came back in 10 minutes only to discover that it's still formatting.

    I cancelled the format and pulled the flash disk out and I wanted to format on my Mac, but it couldn't detect it. I plugged it back into windoze and it only detected a "USB device"... I can't even format.

    So can I still salvage the flash disk?
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    Are you running XP or Vista?

    Go into Disk Management (When Flash disk is inserted) and see the one that is the flash disk (Disk size, name, whatever) and right click>format as NTFS. Uncheck Quick Format.

    Wait like 2 hours, and it should be done, depending on size of flash disk.

    By the way: When you unchecked Quick Format, what'd you think would happen, it'd do it QUICKER?

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