Please help! Need advice on which 1-2TB desktop drives to buy on Monday!

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Crunch, Jul 24, 2010.

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    Hi everyone! I am in the market for two additional 1-2TB drive(s). I read so many horrible reviews about the 1TB Seagate Barracuda ST31000528AS(+Q for the Apple drives?) that is in the iMac for those who order 1TB systems. Why would Apple choose this drive if it really has such a significant chance of failing? Yes, there were plenty of 5-star reviews as well, but it's annoying that so many of them seem to die within only a few months of usage and sometimes reviewers report their drives seeing only light usage. :rolleyes:

    What should I do? Am I really in a unique situation, because I am simply not used to ANY problems with hard drives. I kid you not. During the past eleven (11) years, I have used almost exclusively the Hitachi Travelstar 2.5" notebook drives and they all saw a LOT of usage, including even some rough handling at times. Not one of them has ever caused me any problems. I'll be disappointed the very first time that one of these drives show only the slightest bit of oddness, because I am simply used to everything always working just as advertised.

    Given that history, should I maybe get Hitachi 3.5" desktop "DeskStar" drives? Then there is Western Digital (WD). Again, during my last 11 years with notebooks, the (very) few WD drives that I had also gave me zero problems.

    Which of these, or other brands for that matter, can you recommend that I buy with confidence. I'm only considering 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB drives w/ at least 32MB of cache, running at 7,200rpm, which probably applies to all drives except for the 2TB ones. I will need two, both of which will likely be external drives.

    Thanks so much for helping me with this! I need to buy these pretty much first thing on Monday morning, so I have only this weekend to get a little more educated. ;)

    Thanks again! :apple: :)
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    Don't touch 1.5TB HDs, I've seen too many of them failing. Applies to ALL manufacturers. Hitachi is a decent manufacturer so if they make what you need, pull the trigger. All HDs will eventually die so it's a game of luck
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