Please Help!!! New user experience and I AM ANNOYED

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by pughchrism, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Mar 9, 2007
    The Epistle of Pugh


    This is my first post but I've enjoyed reading for months.

    I haven't used a Mac since I switched to Windows in '97. I was willing to make the trade-off at that time b/c its a Windows world. I have a couple of good dell inspiron notebooks, a cheap dell desktop, a cheap emachine.

    My old Mac never, and I do mean never, crashed or locked-up. Of course all it ran was a couple of simple games and a word processor.

    In contrast, Windows 98 was a pain and crashed and locked up regularly. Windows XP was a good program and rarely crashed or locked up. However, numerous programs such as IE, Oulook Express, etc would lock-up and I would have to restart the tower to enable the program to run again. I was really aggravated when I would do heavy research on IE. After an hour or so of opening and closing tons of windows it would slow down to a crawl. I'd have to delete my internet files and cookies, then empty my temporary file folder. And, of course I would have to run Adaware to clean off tons of crud to make the computer run decently fast again. I'd spend hours and hours keeping the dang thing running.

    I was quite enthralled when I learned that Macs could now act as a Windows machine b/c I really like Word and Excel and I have Windows versions of Acrobat 8 Professional, etc.

    Now I'm going to get the best of both worlds!

    I just purchased a used 24" Imac 2.16 C2D 2gb OS X 10.4.10 that is in like-new condition and was ~11 months old. I plugged in a cat 5 and was on my way. I started it up and I've been using it heavily for the past 6 days

    First impressions. Wow, the Mac is so cool and this screen is so big. Internet was up and running all by itself!!! Then I took some pics and the darn thing even has a "flash". The pics look good for a low res camera and adding special effects while taking them was a blast. The kids are having a ball.

    My screen looked a little dull and I wasn't to impressed. I thought well, maybe it's lost some of its luster after a year of use. Later I made some adjustments and the screen looks fabulous.

    I played some DVD's and they looked great!

    Problem is that this DVD player is picky as heck. It likes to hang-up and the DVD's come out really hot.

    On to GarageBand. Sadly, I was finding that the Mac wasn't nearly as intuitive as I thought it would be. However, we finally figured out some basics and I am amazed at the sound quality. And, I've only listened to it on the built in speakers.

    GarageBand produces a great sound! My daughter is starting to cut CD's in a professional studio and she played around a little with GarageBand and the sound is incredible for this kind of setup. Now she wants a 24" Imac so we are bidding on Ebay for the white version (she is high-strung and says the glare on a glossy screen would drive her insane). So, I'll probably give her this one and I'll buy a new 24" Imac for me.

    I was suprised at the lack of intuitiveness in GarageBand. The whole setup of the computer seems this way. Where are my right and left mouse clicks? I keep having to go all the way up to the top of the screen to do a cut and paste with my mouse. In general, I don't have controls at the top of each window but have to go up to the top of the screen and then make sure I have the right window "clicked on" so I can have the tabs for that window and that program. I'm having a hard time finding my files in comparison to XP. My Rebel XTi only shows up in iPhoto--what the heck. Why can't I just go to my computer, open the camera as a drive, and then look at my pics as thumbnails and delete which ones I want right there on the camera via the computer?

    I hope all of this will be overcome when I "learn the secrets" to OS X. Wait a minute, I thought that was one of the beauties of a mac--you don't have to "learn the secrets", its just all there in a sensible way.

    What's happened in the past couple of decades? I think it was back in the 80's when I tried Mac and it totally blew normal PC's out of the water with whisywig (sp?) and the like. You didn't have to know code to operate the dang machine. It was very intuitive.

    I've been using Windows for 10 years and Mac has really taken the backseat. Gates has done a terrific job of copying the Mac way of doing things and making them better (I hope I will acclimate to OS X and feel differently in a couple of weeks.)

    And, worst of all... the darn machine will work fast at times and then really slow down. All of the sudden for a little while the internet will start slowing down and take much longer to load pages (I have fiber optic internet at 5+ mb/s). I did a test on my BestBuy black Friday door buster ~$100 emachine and the first time the mac was taking forever to load the page the same happened on the emachine.

    However, I was sniping on Ebay and was quickly reloading the window to count down to place my snipe bid. The mac starts to load the pages much more slowly than usual. I went to the emaching and it refreshed the windows very quickly. Here's my new, great Mac and I'm having to slide back and forth to my emachine so I don't ruin my snipe bidding. $100 piece of cheap junk emachine beating my $2200 Imac--@#$%@#!!!

    It gets worse... the mac periodically will start hanging up and I have to wait til it will respond. Right before I sarted typing this Mail just quit unexpectedly and a window popped up saying the same!

    Now, lets assume that my issues with OS X's lack of intuitiveness are just transitory and is exacerbated by my frustration with the other issues.

    I was seeing these kinds of problems when I first started using the machine so I fully reloaded OS X (took like 30+ min or something). I still have the same problems.

    Please tell me that I have a hosed-up machine. I was anxiously awaiting my switch back to Mac. But, this really reeks!!! I really don't want to admit it, but even my cheap PC's running XP were much better in many ways than this much more expensive Mac.

    Is there a problem with the extra 1gb ram? I don't know what they put in here.

    Or, did I just receive a machine that was made on a Monday and will always have probs?

    Someone please help! I don't want to go back to Windows!

    The only programs on this machine are the ones that came with the factory OS X disks. I am not running any kind of Bootcamp, parallels, etc or any windows programs.
  2. pughchrism thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007

    I removed and reseated the ram. Label on stand indicates that this iMac came w/2gb. I'll see if this makes a difference incase the ram was not seated properly due to shipping vibrations or something.
  3. jonparadise macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2005
    London, UK
    I think you've answered your question in saying that you've had Windows for 10 years and not really used a Mac.

    There is always going to be a learning curve, even though the Mac is quite simple, it's still completely different to Windows. It only takes a short time to get used to the different way of doing things.

    My dad switched a while back, and he was swearing 'this isn't intuitive, it's stupid' for a couple of weeks, but now admits, it wasn't stupid, just different. The biggest mistake he made was trying to force the Mac to work like a Windows PC, which obviously it won't. (he was obsessed with Virus scanning and defragging too, it took me ages to wean him of that)

    As for right clicks, that should work fine as long as you have a mouse that supports right click?

    Just give it a short time, you are adjusting your working methods, which is frustrating (it was for me) but it will be worth it in the end. Just keep telling yourself because it's different doesn't mean it's bad.

    As far as any tips you need, or any problems you have (such as the quitting of apps), just post a question on here, the guys here can be invaluable, and will be able to 'fastrack' you in learning your new Mac.
  4. psychofreak Retired


    May 16, 2006
    Open System Preferences -> Mouse :)
  5. pughchrism thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007
    thanks jon

    if these hardware probs will cease then i'm sure my whole mac-attitude will improve.

    how picky is your DVD player? do you have the 8x superdrive?

    do you experience hangups and delays at various and sundry times that seem to be mac driven?
  6. pughchrism thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007
    i've spent a lot of time in system preferences, but i'm going there right now
  7. psychofreak Retired


    May 16, 2006
    Many new users have annoyances, unfortunately yours seem worse than make your life easier I have compiled a list of great software here with links included :)
  8. pughchrism thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007
    gotta love the pig

    changed some settings for the mouse and i'm feel'n better already

    thanks guys
  9. Santa Rosa macrumors 65816

    Santa Rosa

    Aug 22, 2007
    Have you looked into getting Microsoft Office for Mac? The 2008 version is coming out roughly the start of next year so that might be worth considering??

    Enjoy the Mac :apple:
  10. jonparadise macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2005
    London, UK
    My DVD player has been fine (Macbook Pro) and I haven't had any trouble.

    Once in a while, my computer may hang, or an Application may crash, but that's usually Logic Pro, which has dozens of external software instruments added.

    Once in a while, I like to give my laptop a little clean, and have found Onyx to be very useful, it's free and makes looking after your system much easier.

    With time, everything will become second nature. If you're the sort of person that likes a friendly book guide, I read the David Pogue guide to OSX when I first started. It helped no end.

    There is also a 'Switchers' version.

    I hope that helps.
  11. pughchrism thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007
    I repaired permissions and it significantly helped the superdrive's finickiness.
  12. lugesm macrumors 6502a


    Sep 7, 2007
    QUOTE: I've been using Windows for 10 years and Mac has really taken the backseat. Gates has done a terrific job of copying the Mac way of doing things and making them better.

    You are I are exactly in the same shoes. I have been using a PC since I gave up my Mac IIcx in the early 90s.

    I agree that Windows has passed OSX in several areas, and I am unhappily surprised. :mad:

    Oh, well ! ! ! I have already spent my $2K + and hope that it will get better with time.
  13. Bigtree macrumors 6502


    Aug 7, 2007

    I couldn't agree more! I feel exactly the same!!!! My new iMac is a BIG disappointment!!!! I wish I hadn't bought it. However, when you look at the virus issues with Windows and Vista being so un-stable. It makes sense why we bought the Macs. I really loved my old Macs. Unix has really changed the simplicity of the operating system. Many would suggest, to install windows on the mac to make it better. I feel it's better to re-learn the new mac operating system and get used to it.

    A couple of things I found that helped my freezes are, I downloaded Cocktail to clean up things in the system, and the thing that really sped-up my browsing was zapping the pram!!!

    Maybe were getting older and don't like change.
  14. Sdashiki macrumors 68040


    Aug 11, 2005
    Behind the lens
    Cutting and pasting with the right click of a mouse is from your Windows Explorer use.

    Learn the shortcuts, which are the same as windows (command-v instead of cntrl-v etc), your workflow will go much faster and you wont be annoyed by having to goto the menus.

    No right click?

    Solution: buy a multi button mouse!

  15. kiwi-in-uk macrumors 6502a

    Sep 22, 2004
    I also recommend Onyx. About once every month or two I use it to do a spring clean.

    In Safari, try cleaning the caches (Safari>Empty cache) ... sometimes that can help with speed.

    As the others have said, there are many little differences between Windows and OS X that can make life irritating until you get used to "The Mac Way".

    Once I:
    - sorted out the right click,
    - figured out that drag/drop actually does work in many situations,
    - started using Exposé,
    - found the special character shortcuts to do é, ü, ©, ?, etc [option+e, then e ... option+u, then u ... option+g ... shift+option+k]
    - started using the built-in dictionary
    - fooled around with Comic Life, Image Tricks, etc
    ... I found that I enjoyed using the Mac more than my Windows machines (4 of them).

    But yes - Windows has caught up in some areas (this is a good thing!) and OS X sometimes seems to work "backwards" compared with Windows.

    But I still prefer the two Macs over the Windows PCs (and so do my kids ... unprompted comment from my oldest daughter "Do I really have to get a Windows laptop for school? The Mac is s-o-o-o-o much easier!").

    So persevere, ask questions in the forums, buy a book, explore the apps, and remember that OS X isn't Windows (some bits are better, some aren't, but there IS a learning curve).

    Have fun!
  16. MikeyTree macrumors 6502

    Jan 5, 2007
    I'm with you about Garageband. I find OSX fairly intuitive, but Garageband took a lot of dedicated trial and error before I could do even fairly simple things.

    When I switched a few months ago, it took me a little while to switch from the Windows way of doing things to the mac way, but everything is easy now.
  17. pughchrism thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 9, 2007
    Wow, thanks

    I really appreciate all of the replys!

    I'm thinking about buying two new 15" MBP's, one for me and one for my daughter. And, my wife wants me to either bring the 24" Imac upstairs to our office or buy her a new 24" Imac. She's just started a 3-5 yr online midwifery degree and is already tired of using my Inspiron 8200 notebook b/c of her coveting the sexy 24" Imac downstairs. Nonetheless, the 8200 has been a great computer and Dell was refreshingly good about fixing things via my extended warranty.

    I'm not totally convinced yet of converting over so I'll probably keep pondering until the 16th. I have two college students so thats the last day to qualify for the educational ipod rebates. In addition, I'll take the $100 off printer rebates. We'll give the ipods for Christmas presents and sell one of the printers on Ebay.

    For some reason I really want to be a Mac convert!

    Actually I know the reason. I've waisted so many countless hours working on my PC's (we have like 6) to fix hosed up systems and I'm always cleaning them with Adaware or something because they become so slow.

    That's sort of one of the reasons that I'm a little dissapointed in the Imac... I didn't expect to have any maintenance issues or system sluggishness issues that I'd have to work on. However, I'm guessing (hoping) that the amount of system upkeep and repair time will be less on the Macs.

    And, it's a really fun computer. And, oh that 24" beautiful display! Good thing my largest PC LCD display is only a cheap 17" or I might have less of an attachment to the 24" Imac. Even before the Imac we would all arm wrestle over using the computer with the biggest display.
  18. CanadaRAM macrumors G5


    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    GarageBand -- Multitrack audio programs are complex - it's the nature of the beast; there is a LOT going in in there. Give yourself time to get used to it. If you want to compare, try downloading a trial of Cubase Sequel, Abelton Live, or MOTU Digital Performer -- they are all complex, but it comes down to personal preference as to the style you like to work with. The outstanding difference is that GarageBand came free with your Mac and did not cost $90 - $900.

    First thing on your shopping list - a Microsoft Optical Wheelmouse for $19. Don't fight your instincts - the Mac OS supports right clicking, scrolling and everything. I personally hate the Apple mice, parTICularly the MightyRodent, and immediately replace the mice on any Mac. And: I use the MS mice for about 2 years and then throw them away and replace them. For $19, it just ain't worth hanging onto a mouse if it is starting to show wear or flakey buttons.

    Leave your machine turned on overnight -- OSX does maintenance at 3 AM by itself. Otherwise you can trigger that maintenance with Onyx or Cocktail.
    Go have a look at or
    Just like you wouldn't use Windows without some add on programs to make life easier, there are many useful freeware and shareware applications for the Mac.

    First up: CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper to make bootable backups of your hard drive.

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