Please help - newbie needs direction- Trust me I'm a doctor

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by doctortrojan, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Jan 31, 2012

    I tried updating from 4.0.1 jailbroken to 5.0.1 using the guide on this website. i can not restore it now. it won't let me restore my iPhone but says i have the latest version of the software.

    Basically instead of getting validated by apple it now won't connect to anything without an error. i am a doctor and need my cell phone to return calls. i don't understand what to do i tried using red snow and it gives me an error. what should i do please help me if you can.

    a friend in need :eek:

    P.S. i can donate to your charity redsnow or ultraslow or whoever can help me with this would really like to have my phone back and now i regret trying to upgrade from jailbroken 4.0.1 version which i had been using since i got the phone nearly 2 years ago i always seem to ruin my phone or lose my phone usually drop it in water this time i guess i electronically ruined it...maybe there is hope ....:(:D
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    Try putting your phone in DFU mode and then restore with iTunes.

    Make sure you don't have any apple servers listed in your /etc/hosts file (on a Mac or Linux, no clue what it is called on a Windows). If you have used TinyUmbrella it may have set up such lines to re-route the SHSH validation through the Cydia server. In the meantime Apple has blocked access from the Cydia server, so it will not work.
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    Yeah, I would try putting the phone into recovery mode (hold lock and home button while phone is powering on, you will see the Apple logo and then it will prompt you to plug it into iTunes, iTunes will deteect that your phone is in recovery mode and restore it from there), do a full restore via iTunes and then try doing the jailbreak once the phone is up and running.
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