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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shredeverything, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. shredeverything macrumors newbie

    Jan 11, 2010

    I have an old G3 iBook. My partner was using it while her other computer is in the shop. She just called me, panicked, because the screen appears to have died while she was working on it. According to her, the screen became pixelated and then went black. She shut the lid on it, opened it back up, and the screen lit up again for a minute. However, it would not allow her to move the cursor. The screen then pixelated again and then went black.

    She has tried restart the machine. It chimes when she starts it, but the screen does not light up.

    It sounds to me like the screen has died, while the machine itself continues to work. My question, then: What's the easiest way to get the data currently on the computer off of the computer? Much of my data is already backed up, but some of it is not. In particular, I would like to get the document my partner was working on (it was saved) off of the computer.

    I have both a wifi network and another mac (Macbook) at my disposal.

    Thanks in advance for whatever help you all can provide!
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    Couple of options for you.

    1st, if you have an external monitor and an adapter to use, (not sure the ibook has the adapter port for external monitor) then try to use an external and see if you can get the data backed up first.

    2nd, when booting the machine, try holding down Command+Option+P+R, this will reset the PRAM, then the machine will reboot again without having made it to the login screen, let go of the keys, and it may reboot one more time. See if the screen becomes visible as normal at that point.

    3rd, if you have Vine Server, or some other type of Remote access enabled on it, turn it on, give it time to login, or if you have login enabled, go through the normal motions of alogging in, even though you can't see the screen and give it time to boot completely into the OS. Then remote in to backup files from another mac or pc.

    The machine may be fine, and only need the PRAM reset, or it may need a new monitor, power inverter, or tube. I'm guessing if the monitor comes on momentarily, then pixelates, then dies, it may be a bad power inverter, but don't quote me on that.

    Hope one of these helps,

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Fixed it!

    Thanks for replying. I've solved my problem. For anyone who's curious, I used this link:

    this link:

    and this link:

    to solve the problem. In short, there was a loose gpu card on the logic board. I cracked the computer open using these excellent instructions:

    and placed a shim (four rubber feet, purchased at Walgreens) between the card and the heat shield.

    It was a gamble, and I was nervous doing it the whole time (I don't normally open computers and mess with stuff), but it worked! My girlfriend is now happily finishing up her work on the machine (while backing it up every few minutes).

    Hope my experience can help someone else!
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    That's a common problem for the iBooks G3, unfortunately. I have two logic boards for mine, a 500 MHz and a 900 MHz. The 900 stopped working even with the pressure trick, though. Be aware that the rubber feet will insulate the chip, so you might be better off with something that transmits heat:

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