PLEASE HELP! Seeking COMPLETELY customizable invoice software...

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    Hello! PLEASE HELP!

    There are plenty of applications out there with the standard invoice features as well as good time tracking, unit sales with tax etc. I am seeking a completely customizable invoice program that does all of the things that most of the programs out there do like account statements, apply payments, etc. (time tracking, units, unit price, and tax are of no use to me), but I need to be able to create custom fields THAT APPEAR SO IN THE PROGRAM AND ON THE INVOICE...

    I do commercial real estate leasing and sales and have no back office support. I am paid irregularly on commissions, often times with partial payments, almost always past due, and need to manage two types of invoices:

    Leasing - I need to be able to create an invoice for the following hypothetical deal (using easy numbers, etc.)

    Tenant Name | Property Address | Transaction Type | Dates of Occupancy | Monthly Rent | Annual Rent | Total Rent over Term | Commission % | Commission $ (Total Due). This would look like this (for year 1):

    iRenter | 1 Clients Bldg Way | New Lease | Year 1: 10/1/11 - 9/30/12 | $10,000 | $120,000 | Total Rent over Term Intentionally Omitted | 4% | $4,800

    Seems relatively simple, but here's the kicker... This is a 10 year lease. Each year the rent increases by 3% (need calculated fields for increasing monthly rent, annual rent, total rent, commissions, total due). If I need to manually enter the monthly rent and have annual rent calculated, fine (or vice versa).

    Sales are much simpler than this, so if I can do the aforementioned, I can figure out sales so long as I have the ability to create a few invoice templates.

    I currently manage this in Numbers/Excel. It's incredibly manual and time consuming - I would also like to be able to provide account summaries for my clients. I could probably accomplish all of this with filemaker, but I refuse to believe I have to create a database to accomplish what seems to be relatively simple ...

    Any suggestions??? Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!!

    :apple: MBPro 13" :apple: iPad :apple: iPhone 4S in a few days!!! :apple: May God Bless you, Steve Jobs! Thank you for your incomprehensible genius!!! :apple:
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