iPhone please help..swype or something like it?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by JMB1911, May 31, 2013.

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    I have been all over google trying different searches, sources, etc.

    How do I get swype or something similar on my iphone5?

    If someone could post the source, and what not that would be appreciated.

  2. LeoNobilis, Jun 11, 2013
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    There are a couple

    Download TouchPal or Path Input from the iTunes App Store. Both are infinitely better than the rubbish that requires a jailbreak. Speaking of experience.

    That said, they probably aren't quite as slick as Swype or Swiftkey Flow (not quite so visually), but the recognition engine appears to me very much on par with the two. The real problem is, these are no system apps, and will only run as apps, as Apple infamously blocks all entry into the system for third-party apps.

    I recall, years before Swype became popular (I believe, that was in 2008), there was another iOS app (also third party, obviously) with much the same functionality, the first on any platform. It was free. I downloaded it, having read rave reviews thereof (forgot the name, alas). I was most impressed with its potential. All it needed was a system-level integration with the OS and perhaps some visual polish. But Apple never cared: they are, as we all know by now, staunch supporters of jabbing frantically with fingers (at least, not with knives) at a glass surface.

    PS: Yes, just recalled the name: ShapeWriter. Some of us, old Apple users downloaded and used it before the app was pulled from the iTunes App Store a year or two later. Apple, obviously, showed no more interest in slide typing than in, say, fart sound emulation apps (the App Store bestsellers if you will, at the time). Less, I expect (the developer had approached Apple with a plea to allow system-wide integration, or to partner with ShapeWriter / Acquire the company, but to no avail).

    In 2010 they were acquired by Nuance, and became Swype.

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