Please help..Update on exporting photos edited in photos app? (Picasa etc)

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    Hi, I hope I'm posting this is the correct place and not repeating another question. (I have looked) I'm using an iPad 2 32GB Wifi running 5.0.1. All apps up to date.

    I have a question about exporting / uploading edited photos from the original photos app on the ipad, specifically to Picasa via Picasa Web Albums. Why is it not uploading the edited image??

    This is my workflow. I take photos on Sony HX5v camera and import via camera connection kit, they automatically go into the photos app. All fine. (I'm traveling with just an iPad at the moment so I can't do this on another device)

    Then, I spend ages (offline) cropping, enhancing and deleting and making straight the images before starting a bulk upload to Picasa. I have been using the photos app for this. (I have got iphoto and I like it but for processing 200+ images at a time that may only need a little crop photos works very well) Still OK so far.

    Now, I go to Picasa (either via the Web Albums app or Blogsy AND I checked the safari portal on my boyfriend's MBA) and they are all the original, un-edited images! :( Not fine.

    I think this has happened since 5.0.1. Some people may think this is not a problem, and for my primary reason for having Picasa (to store / backup my traveling photos safely in the cloud, preserving exif data etc for when - in maybe a couple of years time-I have a MBP again) it is good that I am now storing the originals - I may change my mind about that dramatic crop) However, my secondary (but still very important and more immediate) use of Picasa is its integration with Blogsy and WordPress. I post all my traveling posts (with lots of images) via Blogsy, dragging in the image from Picasa. Also, I have a gallery on the WordPress site that links back to the only public Picasa album. Obviously, I want the edited images in Picasa for this.

    The only work around I've found through searching is to edit the images in another app (like iphoto, photoshop express etc) but this will be ever-so time consuming for ALL my images.

    Sorry this is a long post, but am I missing there a better solution??? :confused:

    Edit: Could an option be to go back to 5.0? Would that fix my issue and would it be possible to do that?
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    Do you find the answer ? I do have exactly the same problem !


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