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Jun 30, 2007
Dallas, TX
I really need some help to find an app, without jailbreaking, so I can upload files from my iPad.

Trying to upload resumes to job/company websites and when I get the "browse" or "upload" button it's grayed out since the iPad doesn't have a file system to pull from. So I'm unable to select this button to upload.

Now, I dont want a work around (upload links, etc), I just want a straight-up app that can accomplish the upload task just as if I were on a regular PC.

I've heard about iStorage possibly being able to do this but I don't want to pay $6 for a test run. Anyone familiar with this app and if it can achieve what I'm trying to do? Or possibly is there another app out there that I'm missing?

I greatly appreciate any help any of you can offer up.

Thank you