Please help us beta test our new game: The Helicopter!


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Hi everyone!

We're developing a helicopter side-scroller, inspired by iCopter. We thought that the game might be more fun with really great graphics, cool sounds, etc.. :)

Here's a current screenshot:

And here's one of our latest demo videos:

We're ready to start testing the app with a larger pool of people and we need about 50 beta testers. Right now we're trying to get feedback on three things:

1. How are the tapping controls? Should they be more/less sensitive?
2. How does the gravity feel when the helicopter falls? Should it be weaker/stronger?
3. Can you find any bugs?

Of course, general feedback is always appreciated!

If you would like to test, please sign up on TestFlight:

We'd also be forever grateful if you visit our Facebook page and website:



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New Pause screen and controls!

Hey all!


We've updated the gravity and control settings per beta feedback so far, and we just implemented this awesome new PAUSE screen that our designer Ben whipped up.

Please sign up and help us make this game suuuuuper!

Just hit the TestFlight link and register! -



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Still 20 spots left!

Hi everyone!

There are still around 20 spots open for Beta Testers! The feedback that's coming in so far has been spectacular, and we want to make this game as good as we can - so we want even more testers!

Please hit these links to join our testing squadron and to check out The Helicopter on Facebook and on our website:

Beta Testing on TestFlight:
The Helicopter on Facebook:
The Helicopter website:

As a bonus, here's one of our early development screenshots. We've removed the Suburbs level scenery in Version 1.0, but it will be coming back in our subsequent updates to the game!