Please help, where is the problem Apple, Visa?

Joe K

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Jul 7, 2005
Hello, I'm trying to buy a MBP 17" since Friday and I desperately need help.

Here is the deal, I'm in canada right now visiting a cousin of mine, I'm from Guatemala, he has student discount, and he told me he can help me getting the machine with his discount.

we ordered it on line, but using my credit card and when I was about to place the order the problems began

1st my card couldn't be validated, so I called Guatemala asking what the deal was, and they told me it was a protection for customers, they block the card until I verify that I'm doing the purcharse, I did and they told me that I should be able to comple the transaction within 20 minutes. We tried again, same thing, I called the card again and they told me that I validated the card for US$2620.00 (the MBP is US$2610.00 with the discount and shipping), and that apple is charging me US$3055.30. We tried over the phone again with the same result, The guys from the card say that there are not hidden fees and that is what apple is charging me, apple says that my card doesn't validates. what gives? am I paying some tax that I don't know about? Is this because my card is from Guatemala?

please I'm going crazy, I leave for Guatemala on the 16th and I'm afraid if I don't place the order soon it won't get here on time.

Thanks for your help



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Nov 9, 2004
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Any chance you could go to an Apple Store and buy it there instead? Seems like it might be easier to deal with things in person than over the phone/online. I don't know where in Canada you are, so of course an Apple Store may not be available. Other than that, I have no advice.

One thing you should know is that I don't think it's technically allowed for you to buy a machine using your cousin's student discount.

Joe K

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Jul 7, 2005
Thanks I wasn't aware but I don't mind paying full price, I liked the discount but still, the thing I'm more worried is where those $400.00 came from.

I'm in Winnipeg btw


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Apr 17, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
You can apply Student discount from anywhere and you don't need your brother's help either.. Just goto >> education pricing >> select your province >> select any school >> just type in 8-9 digit student id(anything) and it will apply student discount to the applicable products, etc..

I know this is or canbe called cheating.. But hey its $200 discount.

Just Cancel the order, re-order a new one when you arrive in Canada.

EDIT>> Damnit! i should read the threads more carefully.. sorry i have been playing BF-2 all day today :p... So the condition here is opposite.. you are visiting him in Canada. In that case, do as Mduser said.

EDIT 2 >> your student brother got a CC? just let him order one..Visit local bank ATM, pay him in cash.


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I'm more worried is where those $400.00
No matter where you and the card are from, Apple will charge Canadian GST of 7% and the provincial tax of whatever province the machine is delivering to - ranging from 0% in Alberta to 8% in a variety of provinces. You will also be charged in Canadian, not US dollars if you are ordering in Canada. CAN$ = about US$0.90 but your charge card will whack on an extra 3 - 4% of foreign exchange charges.

Theoretically, you can claim the GST back from the Canadian Government as a visitor when you leave the country with the goods, although there is a lot of paperwork. You may run into a problem in that the purchasers name in the invoice may be different from yours depending how you purchased it You will also have to pay whatever import duties and taxes Guatemala charges upon reentry to that country.