please help with airport extreme/express and fios

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by gelie, Mar 23, 2012.

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    my wireless network was working fine until i had a problem with a fios line(unable to get VOD). Now thats it has been repaied, Im noticing mt wifi strength has dimminished throughout my house and apple products. I tried changing the channel and reseting the system to no avail. I concened that the tech guy may have changed some of my settings. before i have him back, what are the correct setting for the extreme and express as well as the fios router. I have the extreme in 'bridge mode" TIA.
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    You're certain it's the wifi and not your overall internet speeds?

    How would the tech guy have changed any of your settings? Did you give him your AEBS password? Have you verified there are no "new" wifi networks nearby causing interference? Just changing the channel doesn't do much, if you don't change it to the "right" channel.

    The fios router shouldn't have any effect on the wifi signal of your AEBS or AE. you are going to have to post more information to help anyone get to the bottom of your problem.

    How is your network physically connected? i.e. does your fios router have wifi, is it connected to your AEBS via ethernet or wifi?

    What channel is your AEBS on?
    What channel is your AE on?
    What channel are any nearby wifi AP on and their signal strength?

    Did you give the technician access to your AEBS to make changes?

    How is your AEBS setup?
    how is your AE setup?

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