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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by GetSome681, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. GetSome681 macrumors regular

    Feb 2, 2002
    So I've spent the ENTIRE day trying to get Apache Authorizations working. Well, I read all the Apache documentation, and tried getting it to work in the terminal, but I always got an access denied error. So, I finally come across this program calledd Apache Protect. IT loooks like it might work. I try setting a folder in my Sites folder to be protected, and what happens, I try accessing it in a web browser...get the forbidden page. No option to even enter password. I try going to my other directories, and OMG no WAY! I can't access ANYTHING!! No files, no folders..NOTHING! Triedd weblock, and that didn't fix it. I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help? Can I just reinstall the OS? But if I do that, will it keep all my documents in the documents fodler, and all my apps installed? Preference? I really don't wnt to lose all that, and I don't have the ability to back anything up at the moment (cd-rw broke). PLEASE someone help. If you want, you can even message me on the AIM networks at GetSome681. Thanks for any help!!!
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    Oct 28, 2001
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    like mod_ssl or what?? what module is "Apache Authorization" ??
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    Feb 2, 2002
    I was trying to do this basic type of authentication.

    However I couldn't get things rolling, so I found programs that were supposed to do the job. One such was Apache Protect, and the other Weblock. I know that my fooling around trying to follow the apache documentation didn't mess things up, because I could still access everything up to that point. It's after running that darn Apache Protect program that all was messed up.

    So, either someone knows how to fix these files that were altered, and get rid of .htaccess files (which I only have one in that one folder I tried to protect, not all of them), or, I will just reinstall the OS. I don't really feel like reinstalling the OS, b/c then I will lose all my programs and documents, right? I'm sure doing an "upgrade" install won't fix this problem since it will already see these files on my comp. What about the "Archive" install? It says that it keeps you users and network settings...but what about applications and such? To me reinstalling might be the best bet, but really too much of a pain for me at the current moment. I'd really just like to have this stuff fixed so that I can just have access to all my files and directories again on the web. Sorry if I'm wordy. Thanks anyone, I really appreciate it.

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