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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by macaddict23, Oct 4, 2009.

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    I'm revisiting my current Contract Agreement (CA) template to make sure it's as air-tight as possible.

    If my CA states that only four rounds of revisions are allowed, what constitutes a "one round of revision?" A total of three changes? Four changes? Five? Some changes are easier to implement than others, so it's really hard to state a number.

    Any clue on what to change, or add, in the revisions section of my CA? Thanks in advance for the help!

    My CA is as follows:


    • Sampler Studio will deliver three (3) rough concepts for the client to review.
    • Once a rough concept has been accepted and signed off, Sampler Studio will proceed to fine-tune the chosen concept.
    • This fine-tuning stage will involve back-and-forth revisions based on feedback from the client.
    • There will be a total of four (4) rounds of revisions allowed. Anything after that will require additional fees. (Please see the "Revisions" section on the back page.)
    • There will be no changes allowed that completely alters the chosen concept.


    (Content about "Revisions" on the back page of my CA)
    All fees and costs stated in this contract agreement are fixed. However, changes in the project outline require a revision of this contract agreement. Client-requested changes will be quoted to the client in writing and billed additionally with an hourly rate of $xx. For any work that takes less than an hour, the minimum amount due will be $xx.
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    This is how I read it.

    (original submitted)(client change)(client change)(client change)(client change)(final or extra fees kick in)

    A change is a change no matter how small but you need to stick to the original specks. If the client requested 12 point and you give him/her 11 point, that change isn't billable. Be clear on the number of client requested changes allowed before extra fees kick in. Some people will drag a project on and on.

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    Hi Dale. Thanks for the feedback. I understand that a change is a change no matter how small, and that if the client requested 12 pt, and I gave him/her 11pt, then it's not considered a change. My question is how many changes constitute "one round of changes"?

    Instead of stating "Four rounds of changes," should I be more specific and say "Only 12 changes allowed"?

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