Please HELP with wireless card driver in XP!

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    So I'm way behind the curve here - I have installed bootcamp and ran Windows XP pro for the first time ever on my iMac. I know this seems to be a common issue, but I have been searching for hours on the net and did my due dilligence to search the history in posts of this site and others, but I have not been able to find the answer to this.

    I'm running Leopard on the iMac. I did the bootcamp thing, everything was good. Got my hands on XP pro Service Pack 2 boxed, got it installed. However, I cannot find my X OS dvd I got when I bought the iMac, this left me on my own as far as upgrades.

    I found these drivers off the apple website -

    However, I was unable to open this .exe in windows. After some research, I learned that it was the Broadcom wireless card driver corrupting the setup. I deleted the broadcom out of the drivers fold of the updates, and it installed just fine.

    I did have to hunt down realtek drivers to get the sound working, and a Marvell Yukon driver to get the ethernet working.

    I cannot find the broadcom 802.11n Network adapater driver anywhere! I attempted all kinds of broadcom drivers found various places on the web to no avail.

    The current driver is showing a ! "This Device Cannot Start" in the Device manager.

    Upgarding to SP3 in XP to use Bootcamp 2.1 is not an option at this time for windows validation reasons.

    Help, I need to find this driver to get my wifi on windows!

    Thanks in advance.
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