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    Feb 6, 2011
    Hey please can you help me!!
    Im pretty fresh to this scene

    1>I bought my iPhone from France in September on a 1 year contract,

    2>BUT now ive shifted abroad in the beginning of Feb, I dont think ill be returning for another year

    3>I have shut the bank account in France from where the monthly rent (€50+) was deducted automatically.

    So now I want to terminate my orange account,

    Q1> How in the world do I get in contact from overseas with them??
    Ive been on their site for hours and I still cannot find a single address!
    I have calle dup many number but they are either leading to UK or not connecting

    Q2>I wanted to use my iphone4 with another carrier but its locked and at 4.2.1, If it is then how do I jailbreak & then unlock it ?

    Q3>I dont want any legal problems when I have to reapply for my visa to France, so how do I be save or save my self from a legal action?
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    Jun 2, 2010
    There is no unlock for 4.2.1 and its associated baseband at this time. Unlocks are always free.

    To unlock your phone you have to first jailbreak it and then use the ultrasn0w unlock in cydia. The Jailbreak is available today from greenpo1son web site for free.

    Follow musclenerd on twitter to see when the unlock is released but expected soon.

    The only one that can unlock your phone today is Orange France but not sure how to do this if you are not in France
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    Rajani Isa

    Jun 8, 2010
    Rogue Valley, Oregon
    Apple's site lists for support.

    Same place also lists Orange as a carrier that unlocks the iPhone. As far as I know, when the carrier unlocks the phone, it's permanent, but I could be mistaken. This form of unlock is, however, definitely independent of BB versions, unlike a jailbroken unlock.

    I hope they can do this for you :)


    there is a number to call to subscribe to Orange-France, (going with google translate here!) you can try calling that number ( 0800830800 ) and see if they can help direct you were you need to go.

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