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    Jan 24, 2012
    I've had my laptop stolen and stupidly my iphone is the only backup I have for all my photos and music. I'm not too bothered about the music but I have 16 albums of pictures I uploaded to my phone and now can't get off. The only way it'll let me do it is by emailing them to myself 5 at a time (there are 2500!!)

    I can't install itunes because if I do it'll wipe my phone. Does anyone know how can I get the pictures onto a PC? The phone is jail broken.
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    Dec 9, 2011
    Sorry to here about your laptop:( Hopefully you can get it back or track it some how.

    There has been a few of these questions on here, and as far as i know you have to buy/trial software to transfer folders, library and files from iphone to Mac/PC. Some are saying DropBox is working on Mac, but you said PC though.
    Here's a link on one that has great feedback to check out, Phone to PC, Someone else might be able to chime in and give you a better link just in case you don't like this one. Good Luck. And i hope they get the crook.:apple:

    BTW..I would try to use Find my Mac, or call Apple and ask what they can do.(if you have serial number & it was a MacBook)

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