PLEASE....I NEED HELP!!!! iPhone 4 Repair

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  1. Holdaway03 macrumors newbie

    Jun 6, 2011
    I repair iPhones, I have repaired several....but today experienced something I never have. It is an iPhone 4 and it had been washed in washing machine. When I received it, it would try to power up, but only when connected by cord. The backlight wasn't working on the LCD so I broke it down and completely cleaned all cables and connections. There was a little bit of corrosion on the LCD cable and on the LCD connector on the mother board. Cleaned them very well and reassembled. Backlight worked like nothing was ever wrong. But, when I tried to start up the phone it would only try to power up when connected by cable and it just showed the apple logo and powered back off and was stuck in this continuous loop. I then entered the phone into DFU mode and computer recognized it. Tried to restore and update but got error 1611, tried to restore from previous firmware 4.2.1 and got 3194 error, then suddenly I got to restore and upgrade after several tries. It would start up but stated I needed sim installed, so I thought I finally had it fixed.....NEGATIVE! It would only stay on for about 2-3 minutes and then it would restart itself and if I unplugged it then it died immediately. A light bulb turned on in my head and knew it had to be a bad battery from soaking in washing machine. I went to a local repair shop as I was out of iPhone 4 batteries and bought a brand new sealed iPhone 4 battery. I installed it, plugged it up, and it fired up tons faster than before. Once it started it stayed on and never shut itself off. When it first turned on it had 31 percent battery, so I figured it might have had a little stored charge from sitting on shelf as it was probably pretested at factory. After watching closely it went to 33 percent battery, about that time the customer walked in, paid me for the service with a smile glad that I had saved his daughters phone. I told him he needed to let the battery completely drain and then give it a full charge to 100 percent. Then.....he called about an hour ago, he let the battery die like I instructed and then plugged it up to charge, he watched it run to 7 percent, satisfied he took his family to eat and left the phone to charge, when he returned after about 2 hours he said it was still on 7 percent and has not budged! I'm baffled....does anyone know what the problem could be? Please help asap as customer satisfaction is my main goal!
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    Jun 6, 2011
    Come on, someone has to be able to assist if 54 people have looked at the post.
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    Jun 7, 2011
    I think the wall of text is preventing anyone from responding, try splitting it up so its easier to read.
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    Not trying to pick on you but you need to put some paragraphs in there, I got a quarter of the way in and gave up reading it.
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    Yeah, I tried to read that and gave up. Too much irrelevant information, break it up and be concise.
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    Ok thanks, I'll delete it and repost in simpler form in about an hour when I go to lunch.
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    Jun 23, 2011
    Just guessing, but......

    It's been a couple of weeks, so hopefully you got it working.

    From your description of the behavior on charge and the voltage issues, I would look at the connector. Maybe you got some lint or other debris in there that is shorting out some of the pins. It's not a place you would normally be concerned with, and you have to have good light and magnification to see if there is a problem.

    My experience with electronics is that it's usually something mechanical. Bad switch contacts, corrosion, poor connection or ground, etc.

    Let us know!!

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    Aug 5, 2011
    Washing machine iphone 4 damage

    I had the same issue for real, I checked and it took them about two weeks to do it but they did it anyway, the phone had gone a full cycle in the machine, i guess they said it was the power ic, and corrosion, they had to change and work on the board. anyway don't know if this helps, but you should check it maybe

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