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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by DELINDA, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2008
    I can't type in this forum or in mail without first waiting for the BBof D to stop turning.I first got a blue screen july 16/10 then a disappearing cursor, followed by safari not quitting or finder not opening.I have osx 10.6.4, it's only 3 months old and I am ready to toss it. When I called apple, i was told to safe boot-do a hardware test and try looping. I did all these things plus did permissions and still almost ten days later I am still having problems. My list gets bigger. I am taking the pro into service Tuesday. When I did a loop, profiler claims i did only 5 but actually i did 10 then it would not quit. I hit every button available and nothing. Finally called apple and was told to hit off and hold, I did and it quit. My old 13" works faster and better with less power then my MBP. What do you think? Could the touch pad be the problem? logic board, or video card? It takes for ever to get anywhere and sometimes I can't close,or get a drop-down window. Its typing fine now, but wait till it sits and I open it tomorrow. My last ?? is where are the vents located on the MBP 15"? is it under the black strip at the back of the book? Please, let me know what you think about all these problems and i will post after a teck looks over this MBP. Thanks.
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    Some things that may make the computer slow is the CPU load, temperatures, and free memory.

    When your computer starts going slow, take note of these three things and report back. I would recommend atMonitor to view these things. Also, be sure you are up to date.

    I know how you feel, this has happened to me several times, including once last week. It's crazy frustrating.

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