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Nov 5, 2013
I had a clear plastic case on my iphone 11 that I was pleased with. Had a decent bumper and some grip without feeling too tacky. Not sure where I got it, possibly the apple store when I bought the phone. Trying to find something in the same ball park for my iphone 14 pro but with mag safe.

First case was what girl at Best Buy employee recommended, a Bodyguardz Carve. I was enamored with the new phone and didn't pay attention until I got home and put the case on the phone. No Magsafe compatible and made for the Iphone 13 Pro, not 14 Pro. But otherwise good enough so I might have kept it.

Second case based on youtbe, a Magback Silicone case. Too slippery and buttons are very mushy. I never owned a silicone case before and didn't realize how slippery they were or maybe it was just this one.


Second case from Target, a Otterbox Symmetry. Nice case, good protection, decent button operation. BUT very grippy and feels "sticky" to the touch like it is coated with glue. I feel like I need to wash the glue off my hands after using it.

I'm looking for a case similar to my iphone 11. Some grip on the side without feeling overly rubbery and sticky. I like the clear type or or maybe a translucent color like blue to match the phone. The trouble is when you visit the store, all these cases are inside boxes, usually encased with the big plastic guard the cashier has to remove so very hard to preview until after purchase. Out of the two I tried, I think I would try to get used to the sticky feeling of the Otterbox if I had to but would like to try other options. Any recommendations?


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Oct 5, 2018
Ringke Fusion Matte Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Case, Translucent Hard PC Back Shockproof TPU Bumper Protective Phone Cover for iPhone 6.1-Inch (2022) - Matte Clear


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Oct 5, 2018
Or if you need MagSafe Ringke Fusion Magnetic Matte Case Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro (6.1-Inch), Translucent Matte Hard Back Shockproof Soft TPU Bumer Phone Cover - Matte Clear


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Oct 19, 2020
I haven’t used it myself, but based on your description, I think you’d be more than happy with the Caudabe Synthesis. The only problem is, it’s no longer frosted/translucent like in previous years.

Therefore, this might be what you’re looking for:

I have no experience with these either, but have been seeing their ads and it looks like a well-designed option.


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May 11, 2009
I have this and I’ve liked it very much. It’s from a brand called Carson & Quinn. Seems to go along with what you’re looking for. Grip bumper with a clear back and MagSafe. Also lays flat on the back; no camera wobble.
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