Plex Announces Free 'Plex Web Shows' Feature

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    Plex today announced that it is adding a new Plex Web Shows beta feature to the Plex service, allowing Plex users to watch web shows for free without a media server or a Plex subscription.

    Plex Web Shows provides unlimited on-demand streaming of a curated selection of web shows on any device where Plex content can be accessed.

    At launch, Plex plans to offer access to web shows across a range of interests, such as food, home and garden, science and tech, entertainment, and more. Web shows available at launch include Epic Meal Time, ASAPscience, Household Hacker, People are Awesome, and The Pet Collective, along with content from brands like GQ, Pitchfork, and Epicurious.


    Plex already provides access to free content that includes news shows and podcasts, and the web shows will expand the content that cord cutters can get for free with no cable subscription.

    According to Plex, Web Shows, like Plex News and Plex Podcasts, will get better through use, with the service able to offer up recommendations based on your interests and what you've previously watched.


    The new Web Shows feature, the Plex News options, and the Plex Podcasts are available alongside personal media collections that Plex users can add to the Plex service.

    Plex Web Shows are available on Plex starting today.

    Article Link: Plex Announces Free 'Plex Web Shows' Feature
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    Sounds really interesting. I have been a plex user for sometime know and could
    Never go back! As I travel across the globe a fair bit, it’s really been nice to be sit back and watch movies on my own server. Whilst both Netflix and amazon are also decent, they do change and things can be taken as well as added.
    Best party is I ripped my own dvd collection using a quality i was happy with using handbrake.
    I’ve got a decent 6TB qnap NAS that works seamlessly as my plex server.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    So at what point will Plex be able to tap into other streaming sites? Like Netflix web? Is this where they are going?
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    I just wish they would fix the ATV app... I find myself having to use Infuse to watch my movies. Very annoying as a lifetime pass owner. I don't quite get the point of this new feature. Is there anything I really want to watch if I already have Netflix or Hulu?
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    I wish I knew the trick to streaming from anywhere around the globe... but I can't quite ever get it to work. I also worry that hotel internet is not up to the task. I travel a lot myself and resort to carrying a mypassport pro... essentially a mini server with wifi to create my own network. As you can imagine its not the same as a capable NAS (I have a Synology)

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