Plex as a Solution to Add to Mini Does it replace iTunes????

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Wicked1, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Wicked1, Sep 22, 2011
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    Ok, so I have the mini setup and streaming movies, photos, podcasts, music throughout the house using ATV and ATV2, next question I have not done alot of research on what is a good add on system.

    Plex, Netflix, HuLu, Roku

    I would like to be able to stream or rent movies and tv shows on the Mac network thru my ATV1 or 2.

    I downloaded Plex just have not installed it.

    Netflix, is it worth it

    HuLu is it worth it

    Should I even bother with Roku?
  2. highdough, Sep 22, 2011
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    Well, first of all, if you've got an Apple TV, you technically don't need anything else. You can use Netflix through your AppleTV, but your library needs to be the right format to watch it.

    Roku is similar to Apple TV, so if you've got one, there's no point in buying another. The plus with Roku is that you can watch Hulu through it, but can't through your Apple TV. And you can stream your library, no matter what the format.

    The only way to run Plex through your Apple TV is to jailbreak it. Really, if you've got a Mac Mini and Plex, you don't need an Apple TV. You just hook your Mac Mini into the TV directly. And you can stream your library as well as get a Netflix plugin to watch Netflix stuff.

    It seems to me you need to do a LOT more research. There's really nothing that is an "add on" to Apple TV. Just separate things that do different things.

    Good luck.

    Edit: I don't use Roku, and I'm not sure you can stream your library through it.

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